Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holy Cow!

Omigoodness! Who in the world could that be? Yes. It is. It is me, Cathy, with my little sister Lisa at age 2 months.

I keep looking at Sam and thinking that rather than being a mini-Eric, like Chris is, that Sam looks more like my sister, or Chris. So, while visiting my Mom this week, I broke out the old photo albums, to crack open and see if those little triangular nostrils that I see on my son are indeed similar to those from my sister.
When I saw these pictures, I was like, Holy Cow!

She looks like Sam. But if you don't think she's Sam-like enough? How's this comparison?

Lisa age 3 months,

Sam age 3 months, edited of course, to protect the innocent.

Holy Cow! I've given birth to my sister. I'm in Trouble.


Kathy said...

They are definitely related ;)

Jenibug7 said...

Isn't that funny!! We think that Elias looks alot like my sister too. And her son looks scarily like me. To the point that Elias saw a picture of me at age 5 or 6 and asked if it was his cousin, Jacob. Wow.

Seestor said...

Oh sistergirl, am I gonna have to do a "I've given birth to my sister" post too (with pictures if I can find any)! My daugther has EXACTLY YOUR right-sided smile-dimple, for real. Where'd it come from? *I* don't have it, James doesn't have it, but you know who does? That's right, YOU. Busted. Why did we give birth to each other? I'm sure there's an existential discussion at work here, but I'm too sleepy to get into it. Bottom line: A) Creepy. B) You're not alone.

Cathy said...

Li, Mom says its the curse, have one just like you, backfiring.

Seestor said...

Didn't she curse us with ones who look like each other and act like Bob? I'm pretty sure that's what that's about - so Sam and Annie will look like their Aunts and act like Uncle Bob. Could be worse. :)

amypfan said...

wow! I really did think that first picture was of Sam.