Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen aka Water Babies

Chris has found a new love of swimming, this summer with his friends.

1. First, we went to the Zoo, and got crazy in the sprinkler.

2. Chris's friend Shay thought he was pretty dreamy in that swim diaper. She couldn't resist putting her arm around him, note the 'shocked' expression.

3. Chris and his friend Emily take Swim lessons together at Indyparks.

4. Chris walks the edge of the water, let me tell you, he really wants to run, and is refraining.

5. School buddies. Chris swims on a playdate, with preschool classmates Grant and Ryan, and Ryan's big sisters!

6. Did you know how much monsters like water? CXhris and his friends play a bit in the pool.

7. Our friend thought Sam wanted to test the water too, so the threw on some Swim Garb, and we dipped Sam in the pool.

8. Sam was pretty intrigued by this swimming concept.

9. Chris practices some of his swim class moves, like kicking and blowing bubbles at the Northwestway Pool.

10. Chris meets with a new friend, John, and the two get along "Swimmingly!"

11. Splash Landing! Chris slides down our pool at home.

12. Sam watches Chris crash and splash land at our home pool.

13. Sam's a little jealous, that Chris is practicing his kicks in the pool, I bet Sam would like tummy time a lot more if it was pool time on a hot day like this!