Thursday, February 26, 2009

What might be Our Dirt

Back in January, a lot popped up in Eric's email notifications, a half acre lot in an established neighborhood. Eric took a GIS look, and we were intrigued. This snowy picture is in the days after our foot of snow when we got to drive out and take a look.

Eric has dreamed of picking up a nice big wooded lot and building our own dream home. We wanted the boys to have a tree fort, shady woods for outdoor picnics, and room for a nice garden. I loved the idea of a big lot, but a. we couldn't afford it, and b. I've been leaning towards making sure the boys grow up in a neighborhood where they can visit friends, ride their bikes, and Trick-or-Treat and stuff too.

This lot backs right up to Lake Ridge, a huge new neighborhood, where there is much room for bike riding, or running, or what have you-ing. It's about 1 1/2 miles north of where we currently live. We didn't realize until we started house hunting that behind the Applebee's there are 5 neighborhoods all interlocked, so that theoretically, one can go from 900N all the way to 267 (and Applebee's or Dunkin' Donuts or the Bowling Alley) without hitting a main drag. Good for bike riding boys!
Now the neighborhood that this lot is in, has not technically been admitted into the Town of Brownsburg. So it doesn't get town utilities. This may make building a house difficult, because we'll need to either get Town utilities, through approval, council OK, and then actual construction, or go through the same process to get Wells and Septic, which are what "our neighbors" are on. In addition, we have to get well and septic, we have to have lots of testing performed by the county health department and whatnot. But there have been negotiations to get the neighborhood to become part of Brownsburg. But of course, just to get that costs lots more money...for the privilege. Personally, I'd rather be part of the town, gets my roads plowed, street lights, and I'm not a fan of well water.

This weekend, we put in an offer, they countered, and we counter-counter offered. Tuesday they accepted our counter-counter, and we now have 8 weeks to get our crap together and see if we can get approved for either town utilities or well/septic. And that may or may not require board of health testing times and council meeting scheduling and approval. I find I'm glad that Eric's been getting in on the political business around here because now we know who to contact, and they know us, and they're being honest and helpful.
If we are approved for utilities, and get approval for building our 4ish bedroom home, (which we have to plan) then we will be good to go. It's exciting, and yet fairly scary all at the same time.

I thought you might appreciate some of these pictures of what could be "our dirt".


Kathy said...

very pretty! :)exciting!

Jenibug7 said...


SuperSillyAunt said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! I'm so jealous of the trees! That's the one thing I hated having to compromise on to live where we do...but it was the right decision for us. Does Eric want that book on contracting your own home? I still have it.

Cathy said...

Yeah he probably does. But don't be too entirely jealous of the trees, in order to put in a HOUSE, a lot of them are going to have to come down.

Carrie said...

How has this been going? Is this "your dirt" yet? :). We meet with the mortgage lender tonight...