Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Deed Doing

So back in January, Eric found this great deal on a stroller for QT and Chris, and the price was right! After a couple weeks, it didn't come and Eric contacted them, and they hemmed and hawwed about delivery, trying to back out at one point saying first that they were out, then when Eric said the ad was still on the internet, but for a higher price they said, well, they had them available for the higher price. Eric, livid, wrote them an email saying, so who shall I report this too, the BBB or the ABC (some other organization whose letters I forget). Handily enough, they responded that they would honor the original offer. Hmm. Funny, so now they have them. There was another couple week delay and Eric sent off another email saying, so where is it? They said they were out. Then it showed up Surprise! on Valentine's Day. So then Eric gets an email Monday telling us to track the shipping number, meanwhile, the stroller we got last week has been unpacked and is sitting all pretty in my car.
I arrived home yesterday from preschool and whatnot to a fresh giant brand new stroller box on my front porch. I was super excited. Another $300 stroller, of course, that's not what WE paid for it. Let alone for 2 of them. But my mind started wandering as to what we could do with this little beasty. After some hemming and hawing of our own, we decided to do the honest thing and let the company know about it. Eric sent them an email. We haven't heard back from them. But let me tell you, it was a hard choice. We could have found a home for it, no probs, whether making money off the deal or not. But what really got me was the Guilt. Chris was bugging us to open this stroller. He thinks they're his. How could I keep it, how would I explain it to him? I'd probably make him do the right thing, if the shoes were reversed. Good Deed Doing is Tough. I just had to vent that.