Monday, February 16, 2009

My Boys

So, I have boys that Pamper Me.

We had a great Valentine's Day. It's so nice to celebrate this holiday of love with our loved ones. Chris and I stayed home all morning, and Did NOT watch TV, though we thought we would, instead we played and read...a lot. Daddy sent me flowers, and we all exchanged presents. Chris got new shoes Merrills to match Daddy and Mommy's (but Mommy can't wear hers right now, because her feet are too swelly for them with socks), and a puzzle (that he did with Daddy-see above photo), and lots of Valentine cards and candy from his school friends. That was so much fun to watch him go through those! He got Daddy a running shirt, and I got Eric a chain for his cross. But my boys got me jewelry: Chris got me new earrings, and Eric got me a blue topaz heart pendant, and a new small video camera that is supposed to be SO much easier to upload videos to the internet, oh boy more toys for Mommy to blog with... The Baby even got me a Blood Pressure Cuff! Then the Baby's new stroller arrived, even he got a present! Then we all went to East 96th Steakburgers for dinner. Yum-O!

This very evening, Daddy brought me home CHOCOLATES ...for no other reason than because he said, I didn't get you any on Saturday. Oh so sweet, and it is good.