Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Doubly Tagged

So, my sister in law tagged me yesterday with this Top 8 things listing. So here goes.

8 Things about me:
1. I love the Yarn Arts especially crochet.
2. I love to watch the snow fall, and the way it sticks to the trees, ahh lovely. Driving in it....I could do without.
3. I love peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwiches. Toasted even better!
4. I'm afraid of heights, but only on see through staircases, ladders, and escalators, anything precarious. I love glass elevators, and airplanes. Weird eh?
5. I love sushi, and miss it because I can't have much while I'm preggers not that we can afford to be that crazy anyway
6. I'm going to be surrounded by boys, and I am a Girly Girl! I know nothing about boys.
7. Not only was I terrified of high school kids when I was in high school, but they still terrify me.
8. I love taking pictures. My Dad used to be a photojournalist, and he takes pictures like a maniac, guess I got it from him. Film got expensive, so I didn't do it much until we got our digital camera. It's SO much less expensive when I can just delete the bad ones now.

8 TV Shows I watch (this list is hard because I don't get to watch what I want very often):
1. Grey's Anatomy
3. Battlestar Gallactica (the new series, we've been netflixing old seasons)
4. Ugly Betty (it's on before Grey's Anatomy, but somehow I get sucked in)
5. Private Practice (now on After Grey's Anatomy, and I get sucked in)
6. Extreme Makeover Home Edition (but I haven't actually watched in a few months)
7. Biggest Loser
8. All My Children (been my family's soap since I can remember, nowadays, I catch it very rarely, and yet I can catch up within a half an hour)

8 Restaurants I love:
1. Yen Ching
2. Rathskeller
3. Bob Evans (a recent terrible craving!)
4. Ginza (though that Hiroshima or whatever it's called in Avon ain't too shabby either)
5. Steak and Shake (Eric and I had our unofficial first date here-awww)
6. 96th Street Steakburgers (as close as you can get to In&Out burger in Indiana)
7. McDonald's
8. Monical's Pizza

8 Things that Happened Today:
1. Took Chris to and from Preschool
2. Drove in terrible snowstorm
3. Tried to have brunch at Denny's but crowds were terrible, so ended up at McD's with new friend Lauren (Parker and Shaylee)
4. Had pancakes followed by pickles for lunch (little pregnant?)
5. Stole a snack from Zefronk (from Playhouse Disney), supposed to be Banana "dogs": whole grain wheat hot dog bun, banana, with peanut butter and jelly. I had mine with natural peanut butter and sugar-free marshmallow cream instead of Jelly. Decadent, yet heathy!
6. Took a nap for an hour and some change
7. Read Cat in the Hat for the first time in Ages
8. Contractions! Had 2 in an hour, so am now resting...well, as restful as one can get online

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Meeting Baby Boy #2
2. Chris getting off the bus
3. Eric coming home from work
4. A clean house
5. Girly dates, usually where Starbucks is involved, or MNO
6. Vacations
7. A new house
8. Being pain-free (ok we're dreaming big now)

8 Things I wish for:
1. To be Pain Free
2. Christopher to eat like a champ and have no more weight problems (Amy put that first but I have to steal it!) And GROW!
3. Healthy Babies
4. Everybody to make it home safe and sound in crummy weather
5. A great job opportunity for Dad
6. No one to have to deal with Infertility
7. My friends in pain to be not in pain anymore
8. A Perfectly Healthy 2nd Baby Boy

8 Songs I listened to today:
1. Theme song for Monsters Inc.
2. The ABC Song-attempted by Chris
3. Revelation -Third Day
4. Free to be Me-Francesca Bettistelli
5. The kids singing along with the record player in preschool, I didn't recognize the song, but I loved peeking and watching them all Clapping.
6. Hope Now-Addison Road
7. There Will be a Day-Jeremy Camp
8. Spirit in the Sky-Normal Greenbaum

Then Today Amy tags me on a photo from my folders tag.

Choose the 6th photo, was all it said. However, my photos, I had to choose the 6th folder, then get to some photos. In this case, it is a photo from our flower garden.

It is purple Creeping Phlox. Which given today's crummy weather, seeing happy flowers made me smile. Hope it does for you too!

OK, your turn.