Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

So, Chris and I took advantage of what may have been the last pretty day of this fall. Mommy's stomach flu had finally receeded, she had energy. It was sunny outside, and in spite of this being a preschool day, and we had a planned lunchdate with Grandma, we opted to go from lunch to the zoo. We walked in the White River Gardens, which were just oozing with beautiful fall foliage, golds and reds. If you've not been to the midwest in the fall, it really can be something to behold, and this is the tale end of it. It was a great trip, the clouds rolled in just as we left the zoo.

1. Chris in his stroller, at the entrance.

2. Petting the geese.

3. A leaf for the fish. Chris discovered fish in the pond, and was determined to give them leaves. Lots of leaves.

4. A special leaf, just for you.

5. Not content to pick leaves up off the ground, he wanted to pry the pretty ones off the trees too. This was some kind of fancy Dogwood, which Mommy just thought was BEAUTIFUL!

6. Can you see him? He's almost camoflaged sitting down in a break on the little wall, there's a small brick stepping bridge over the stream, which is currently running dry, otherwise his feet would've been wet instead of just dirty.

7. Pretty purple flowers, butterfly bush maybe, still in bloom. But they didn't seem as pretty to Chris as his leaf.

8. Chris takes off running. See him still clutching that leaf.

9. Mommy fell a bit too far behind, for when I caught up with him, he had burst into tears. Little tired?..maybe. But aren't the leaves on the pillars pretty?

10. GQ. GQ for the Choo Choo, there's a small train that runs a small loop in the gardens, and Chris spent a good 10 minutes chasing it and watching it.

11. Beya Mommy. Chris tells me Come here, "Beya" to help him down the steps. But I made him go down on his bottom (ballums) all by himself. He did.

12. All By Self. Not only could Chris go down the steps on one side of this little flower pit, but he climbed right up out the other side.

13. Mommy and her Sweetboy. An auto-portrait, leaning camera precariously on stroller. Chris would not sit still for a second take.

Indeed it was a beautiful fall day.


Suellen said...

Looks like it was an awesome time! I can't wait for Parker to enjoy things like that!

Cathy said...

Why are we up at this hour?