Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Computer Confessions

I have become a bit addicted to Facebook. I signed on because a friend invited me over a year ago, but I liked Blogging SO Much better. I fought the impulse for a while, but then at Grandma's funeral, all the cousins were sitting around talking about it, and I realized how it might be an interesting way to keep in touch with them. Well, I got guilted into revisiting and signing up...and got sucked right in. My thoughts throughout the day now consist of, Hmmm, what can I put for my facebook one liner about This moment? When I get that flash, So and so wants to be your friend. How can that not be thrilling, especially when I haven't heard from so and so in ages! It's almost as great as back in the day, when those 3 little words, "You've Got Mail" used to bring the same thrill. Before spam.
And you know, I've become a blog stalker. I read sites, some of people I've only met once, some of people I've never met, some I've come to love to want to meet. There for a while, I got sucked into reading blogs of people that had lost babies, and it was giving me bad dreams, so I stopped reading those. But I still visit other people's sites. The thing of I like about blogging or blog stalking is that I can easily step away, and come back and I haven't missed anything, nor have I had to blow anyone off by leaving quickly. Poor Chris, he wants to watch Veggie Tales, I pop one in, and bam, I'm on the computer. However, he can pull me away pretty easily by asking, Mommy, Need a Hud (hug). Or telling me to Sit. Then we'll sit and watch Veggie Tales together, cuddled up on the couch. I like those moments, quiet cuddles. Time to get some.