Monday, November 17, 2008

A big gift

OK, so really this story starts a couple weeks ago, and if you don't want to read about Bras and boobs don't read on. I was taking my mother in law to a doctor's visit at St V's in Carmel. After the drive all the way up there, she was only seen for 10 minutes, not even enough time to get to the good stuff in the People magazine (snarf), and Chris was even still happy. So anyway, we made moves to leave. As we filing out of the building, I noticed a little shop open, literally a boutique. I saw one of those things, a My Brest Friend, hanging in the window, it's kind of like a Boppy, but not so binding and with a back support. I had just seen one in person days before, and was most intrigued, so I was drawn into the shop. I had to know how much it cost. Answer: a lot more than I was willing to spend on it at that particular moment. However, hanging right below it were bras...nursing bras to be specific. The nice lady came over to "help" us.
Now, for those that don't know, I'm a buxom girl. I was no small shakes before I got pregnant, but now, well these gals need their own time zone. I spent 18 months nursing Christopher in bras that didn't fit because I was too cheap to buy a fancy expensive one, I'd bought out the Motherhood Maternity in the biggest ones they had, and they weren't big enough, and I was too afraid to order random bras off the internet, and too big to buy them in any cheapy shop around here. Of course, AFTER I'd stopped nursing Kathleen told me about this fancy shop in Clarian North that caters to post-mastectomy patients, and has all manner of fabulous bra paraphanalia. Expensive, yes, but I could get fitted, try them on...find something that fit. It sounded lovely. I had not been subtle to Eric that I was not going to spend 18 months uncomfortable this time around. We were going to spend the money and buy the expensive bras and that I would be heading to that little magic shop soon! And oh, by the way, I'd also been mentioning that I'd been getting a little uncomfortable in my current bras. I'd been to Target and Walmart, and checked to see if they had nursing bras in any size bigger than the regular ones I already wore. As I expected, no. And I hadn't been to any fancy maternity place or any place that sold bras to hunt yet.
That brings us back to the little lady who was trying to be helpful. Pessimistic, and doubtful, I asked the loaded question. How big do you go? (I've learned you see, to ask how big they go, so as to not waste my time, I don't even bother going through the racks, let alone getting measured if they don't go Big). Well, they did go big, up to J! Well, she sized me, turns out I had grown about 2 cups and up almost 2 sizes, NO WONDER I'd been mentioning it was time for me to get new bras. She brought one in that was downright spacious, soft cotton, with shoulder straps that not only were they extra wide, but had super pads on them for added support. I swear I could hear a chorus sing, "Oh sweet mystery of life, at last I found you..." when I put that bra on. I usually wear my bra on the widest setting, but this one I was able to buckle on the 4th set in, with room around and cup to spare. It felt so great, I didn't care how much it cost ($40-yikes, good thing choirs were singing). It was the only one in my size they had in stock, but they could get me more, which would've been fine, eventually. I was so excited I flashed my mother in law to show it off.
I wore that bad boy home.
And wore it everyday since.
Told my husband that I was going to need more. I was not subtle. The only time I was not wearing it was when it was being washed and dried. At that rate this wonderful beastie was not going to last long.

Until today. Eric came home, Chris and I were encamped downstairs, having a mostly pajama Monday engrossed in alternating between Pooh and Veggie Tales. When he called that supper was ready, I came upstairs to not only find dinner on the table, but 2 NEW BRAS at my seat. 2! Apparently, Eric found them cheaper on the internet, and once we knew the size and brand...BAM! 2 Fabulous Bras of Joy!
He said, Merry Early Christmas! Oh happy Happy Day!


Unknown said...

I'm glad that you found something that is comfortable! And I have a My Brest Friend that I used for a bit with Michael. I never really got into it though. You are welcome to borrow it when your little one arrives to see if it would work for you.
Elizabeth Mottley

Jenibug7 said...

LOL- Great story! Glad to share in your joy!!! I LOVED those padded straps on my fancy nursing bras...

Krysten said...

I, like you, have enough boobs to spare. I can't imagine trying to squish myself into ill-fitting bras. I spent the big bucks to buy 3 fancy bras. I live in them 24 hours a day since I leak like crazy if I even think about taking them off! Ahh, the joys of nursing!

Anyways, I would totally take Elizabeth up on her offer. I know the My Brest Friend is expensive, but it has been worth EVERY penny for me! It made such a huge difference to my back and my nipples once I made the switch. If I were going to be done with mine, I'd offer you mine, but I hope to still be using it at that point!

Have to go back to work on Monday. NOT looking forward to it!

amypfan said...

I have finally logged in to Google Reader in an attempt to get caught up and--dogs and cats!--I see that I have 20 new posts to read for you. Wowsers! But I must say that Eric is really quite the wonderful husband--making you dinner AND buying you new bras all in the same night? Now that's true love!

Andrea said...

LOL isn't it funny how the little (er, um, big) things make us happy sometimes? ;) I certainly have never had your issue with bras and am always thrilled to be pregnant/nursing because it's the only time that I have girls to speak of but still, I could not imagine wearing a bra that did not fit! Especially nursing in one! Ouch! Glad you enjoyed your early Christmas gift!

Kathy said...

cute story :-) I need to go shopping, although I tend to have the opposite problem as you ;) doh!