Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah God!

Infertility sucks. If you've ever watched a loved one fight the battle, it's pretty crappy. If you've fought it, well, you know,...it sucks. It took us 4 years to get pregnant with Christopher, finally we had to reboot the system, and that seemed to work. This one only took a year, rebooting included. However, this post is not all about me, it's my chance to give a shout out to the one to whom all Praise is Due. God's timing for such things is so Divine. Yeah God! My heart has been singing His praise for days and I just have to share.

I wonder if He's up there smiling at us, so proud, just like when we are proud when our toddler says our name; He's up there, thinking, Oh, my children, how sweet, they just split the atom. God is so great that amongst his many blessings, he gives us modern medicine to aid in so many great things including the fight against infertility, as well his his loving support during the fight. He Is the Greatest Father. He shows us how wondrous his power and his love, and in something so simple as a new baby, who doesn't have to do a thing but just lay there, yet there is so much miraculous work behind her simply being that it just boggles the mind. It's like Life is God's Little Victory.

What an especially great miracle it is then when someone who fought this fight comes home with a beautiful healthy baby. For me, it is one of my highest Joys, and I just have to Shout his Praise moreso when it's someone I've personally been praying for during the whole process. I got to hold one of these little miracles yesterday, and it just brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy for how great God is, blessing this family, bringing them this little beautiful angel. Babies in and of themselves are miracles, but when you toss in there the added difficulty for the little Blessing to even get here, after so much heartache, well, then I really must kick my praise up a notch.



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