Saturday, September 27, 2008

This week in Pictures

Our Team, our friend Tracie, Mom Willman, Eric, Chris and Me (implied) at the 10th Annual Ovar'Coming.

Chris gets ready for the Ovarian Cancer Walk. Grandma picked him up one of last year's t-shirts, which is about 8 sizes too big, but he didn't care. He's pretty excited.

Mommy and Chris, happily recovered at home. Note that he's eating an apple; he worked that thing, all by himself, all the way home.

I kept forgetting to post pictures that don't have to do with Chris. Here's a few from this week.

A beautiful early morning view out our back window. Can you see the dew droplets on each blade of grass in the sun?

OK, not the best early morning view. But a really neat close-up on our back window just the same. Chris thought "Big Bug" was cool.

My neice Kaylee at the preschool playground. Her static-y hair cracks me up!

Mommy made applesauce. Chris couldn't even wait until it was done to eat some. He's eating boiled apples and water here. Turns out that's all I had to do to it, the apples had so much flavor just boiling the snot out of them was all they needed. I had not even sifted the skins out yet, but he didn't care. He kept askiing, "What are you doing mommy?" "Making applesauce." "I want apple-sau-sa!" Had to oblige.


Kathy said...

love the pic looking out your window! very pretty!