Monday, August 18, 2008

A Two Nap Day

It's been a crazy weekend, and I think Chris and I are swearing to stay in our pajamas all day, and not leave the house. He's made up a new song, "I wannna stay home, no wanna go out." He's actually been singing it daily. Perhaps today is just the day for us to do just that.
We had a busy weekend. We started off running and walking against Domestic Violence Saturday morning. Eric ran the 10K in 47 minutes, which is great, I walked (pushed a stroller) 5 K in 58 minutes. That's amazing for Eric, who as of today, has lost a total of 70 pounds in the last year. I'm so proud of him! We're even talking instead of him running Mini-marathons, kicking it up to the full Marathon. Wouldn't that be awesome! OK, Crazy and Awesome. He thought he might be too old, but then the wheels really started turning when I told him that the Women's Olympic Marathon winner was 38 years old, that was really inspirational. But I stray.
So we hosted a baby shower party for my sister Saturday afternoon, and her new baby, Annie. There wasn't time early in the summer to do it like I wanted with all Chris's drama, and by the time I was ready, poor Lisa was too pregnant for people; it ended up making sense to have it AFTER she got here. I was dreading it a bit; ok, a lot. It was supposed to be 22 people in my small house, including both my parents who are very divorced, civil, but when they are fake smiling at each other, it makes my skin crawl. However, the party went much better than I anticipated. It wasn't as many folks as expected, which had made me nervous. Everyone was genuinely joyful, googling over the new baby, telling birth stories, and lots of great sharing. I must give my hats off to my Dad who did really well with all the discussion of nursing and boobs, which he usually runs to another room when the subject of uteruses comes up.
It really is amazing how much babies can bring out the love, and we dispose of all the baggage when there's a new baby around. And this new baby was Oh so precious, even when she's fussy, she's still adorable. Isn't it funny how easy it is to ignore the screams and still think them amazing and miraculous....especially when they're not yours.

With the walk and the party, yesterday I was so sore and tired, that after simply attending early service at church, I was desperate to come home and take a nap...I held out until 11 in the morning. Eric was sweet and took Chris shopping, so I could have some quiet and I didn't even move off the couch. Phone woke me at 1, and the boys came home shortly thereafter. I stayed up for a few hours, until Chris was deep in his own nap, then I fell back asleep, waking at almost the same time. How nice to have a two nap day. Yesterday evening, we went over to my inlaws (The Fam's) for a cookout to celebrate Eric's Grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. They were so cute, we toasted them, saying to the first 60, let there be 60 more. Their eyes got wide, shaking their heads, No no no...
Sleeping the day away did make it much easier to stay up late and catch some Olympics last night. How about that 33 year old Gymnast, competing for her son?! I tell you that story brought tears to my eyes. However, now this morning it's almost 10 and I'm ready for another nap. I'm thinking this Preschool thing that Chris will be starting will be just the ticket for me to catch a couple extra ZZzz's.


Kathy said...

Cathy! Congrats to Eric - that is an amazing accomplishment! I wish I had the drive to even think about running a mini-marathon :-)

Glad the shower was a success :) Sounds fun. And yay for naps. I love naps! I took a 2 hours nap Saturday night while Ryan made dinner!

Suellen said...

Naps are what I miss the most now that I am working again. :(