Thursday, August 14, 2008

13 foods I want

With the queasies becoming so prominent, I create for you a list of things I want to eat, have eaten, and that, historically, actually, sit well. Hope I hit 13, though maybe a list of 13 foods that make me ill would be easier, I was afraid it might make me ill to write such a list.

1. Hawaiian Bread-I've nibbled half a loaf, by myself, over 3 days. It's taken serious restraint not to eat the whole thing. Now Chris wants Bread all the time too!
2. Ham roll-ups-Corie's family makes these ham and cream cheese roll ups wrapped around a dill pickle and sliced, oh so good, and they sit well too.
3. Fresca-it's diet, it's citrusy, when it's cold, it's so refreshing, ahhhh.
4. Macaroni and Cheese-not the low carb dieter's friend, but seriously therapeutic
5. Ice cream- Eric picked me up a new flavor, Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon buns, not too shabby, but that was nothing compared to the beauty of the double dip of Moose Tracks and Chocolate/Peanut Butter that I got at the State Fair yesterday. The Dairy Bar does it right.
6. Milkshakes-Kathleen loved me enough to bring me a Cookies and Cream milkshake from Chick Fil-A, and it was like, the best milkshake EVER. It's good that I'm eating all this "dairy" right.
7. Hot Tea with Honey-I whipped up the last of my Decaf Mandarin orchard by Celestial Seasonings, this weekend, and Eric couldn't find it at the store. Bummer. However, he made it up to me by picking me up a huge assortment of decaf teas, 3 boxes of different new things to try. Tea at my house anyone?
8. Cucumbers-It's very strange, last week, raw cucumbers were not working for me. This weekend, I made pickles, and of course, I had to sample a few make sure they were ok. Monday night, my friend Jen hosted MOPS and made these really scrumptious sandwiches, tiny slices of rye, dill spread and fresh cucumber. I'm so craving them now. Though I'm iffy on whether they sat well or not because I was off and on queasy all evening, but not sure it. Can you crave it and it still make you sick?
9. Sandwiches-Eric made me the world's best ham and cheese sandwich for dinner Tuesday night, we'd eaten so much fair food, we didn't need much for supper, now while I was at the fair, if I saw a sandwich, I wanted it. Got a tenderloin, AND a pork chop sandwich. This weekend, we met the fam at Wings Etc. What do I get? Chicken sandwich....a good chicken sandwich!
10. Rice-Eric made his yummy stir fry last night for dinner. I wanted rice to go with it, but he didn't get the water ratio right, and I was presented with a narly rice cake for my rice. I was bummed. I want rice.
11. Noodles-See above, noodles would also have worked for stir fry. Even those little chinese crunchy noodles would be fabulous. Although, noodles also bring joy with macaroni and cheese see also above. Give me fetuccine alfredo any day. But we don't have any real noodles. I gave them all to the food pantry, and we only have 2 boxes of whole grain lasagna noodles. Doing this whole "whole grains" and low-carb thing is really for the birds. It's not going to work for me for much longer. This baby wants starch!
12. Chocolate-brownies specifically, I want brownies all the time, but when presented with a box of brownie mix, I was like, oh that's too much, I just want a sample. So, I've yet to actually make or eat brownies. I'm making them for Lisa's party this weekend, hopefully that will be my fix.
13. Popcorn-Ok, that's just weird, my entire first pregnancy I couldn't even stomach the smell of popcorn, let alone the taste. Last week, in the ever difficult quest to find me something to eat that won't make me gag, Eric suggested popcorn. He was joking, but suddenly, that sounded good to me. I sent him downstairs for some of my light kettle corn, which we'd hidden because it was giving Chris rashes when he'd eat the hard parts, so Chris was on popcorn restriction. Turns out we didn't have any kettle corn. After a grocery trip this weekend, Eric picked me up some without me even asking for it. He's so sweet. Then he made me a bag, it tasted so good, I had to have 2! It's ok, they're only mini-bags. It's like this in an entirely different baby!


Kathy said...

how funny!

Krysten said...

I couldn't agree more about macaroni and cheese and ice cream. I pretty much want those things constantly! I've also found that pizza almost always sits well. I have no idea why, but when I had the queasies in the beginning, pizza was the only thing that sounded even mildly appealing! :)

Cathy said...

Seriously, Pizza sounds really good. Every night I ask Eric for it, and he looks at me...he's trying to behave, but he promised pizza Monday after his final weigh in, for his summer Biggest Loser contest through work ends that day.

Suellen said...

Pizza has always sounded good to me too. There was a period of time when I would just puke it back up, but I don't think that was specific to the pizza. Nothing was staying down. (And I always kept coming back for more!)

Carrie said...

Ah, yes, the staples for me were #1 cheese pizza, #2 mac n cheese, #3 fettucine alfredo #4 cherry flavored anything #5 chocolate chip cookies. Yumm!!!! No wonder I still have 25 lbs left to drop :)

Unknown said...

Nobody sells real kettle corn in your area? It was microwave kettle corn, right? I suppose Eric had the right idea. ;-)

Velma's "Wicked Delicious" Kettle Corn popcorn

amypfan said...

Yes, you can totally crave something even if it doesn't sit well with you. That was my entire pregnancy with Bryn. :)