Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things that have happened in the last two days, mostly details about doctor's visits and whatnot.

1. I met my own Dr. K, who will be likely delivering Baby #2, and she's quite the awesome.
2. My appointment was right here in Brownsburg, and I only had to drive 5 minutes and that included getting in and out of the car...all by myself. Amazingly, Daddy stayed home and watched his own boy. I know, in the morning, during normal business hours, Dogs and Cats!
3. She did not think me crazy for my first questions being where do you deliver, and where's their NICU?
3. She's based out of Clarian North. (In partnership with Riley Children's Hospital = Very Good NICU)
4. She also has privileges with St. Vincent's so I could go to either St. Vincent's Womens or Carmel, also very lovely. I have my CHOICE of hospitals with NICUs where we can go, she was totally flexible, and we'll discuss which one as we get closer.
5. She thought letting me go naturally was great, not opposed to VBAC. She said she prefers to see if I'll go naturally. It was like, yeah! Because I either want to a. go naturally, or b. just do the c-section, no induction again. Didn't work for me.
6. She didn't think it crazy that I didn't want to induce again, but rather if faced with a repeat episode of Pre-eclampsia, we agreed to just go ahead and book a c-section.
7. I'm not 11 weeks pregnant, which is where I'd fall if I went by first day last period, but since I'm SO not normal like that, she agreed with me that odds are about 6 weeks. (Today 7!) She wants another ultrasound to be sure. Yeah, more pictures!
8. She didn't think I was crazy. Did I mention that? I loved that about her.
9. Christopher had his own hospital workup done this morning.
10. First he got his old tube pulled out and a Mic-key button put in. It was amazing how fast the doctor did it, right there in her office, just WHIP, pulled out the old(after we've spent months being so careful to have that happen it felt really weird to see her yank it out.) It bled a lot, but then she just SLIP the new one in and blew it up. The new one is like a flip top thing that locks to the feeding tubing, and is only a bit on top of his skin, and latches inside with a bubble filled with water, kind of like a catheter. Quite secure.

11. Poor baby also got a silver nitrate treatment, which burns away granulation tissue at the same time.
12. He does still dangle tubing from his backpack when he gets a feeding.
13. Chris gets spoiled after he gets tortured. He is watching as many Fraggles and he wants to watch.


Krysten said...

Glad to hear that you found a doctor you like and that things with Chris went as well as they did! Looks like this is going to be a good week! Yeah for that!

Jenibug7 said...

I am so glad things went smoothly for you both! I delivered Elias at Women's, Elena at St. V Carmel, and was in overnight for an abscessed mastitis at Clarian North. They were all super, but the postpartum rooms at St. V Carmel are much smaller than the other two. Still, great nurses at all three...

Kathy said...

I'm happy to hear everything is going well and that you like your doctor!