Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tough Decisions

So Eric said something to me tonight that sounded so funny. I wanted to know if I'm just punchy or if it strikes you as funny too. Picture it: I call him to talk to him as he goes from work straight to his church council meeting. He's not looking forward to a long, boring meeting. I say, come home, you can throw the boy down, and we'll order pizza. And then I proceed to fill him in on the last hour with his own wicked wee beastie. Eric skipping council and relieving me is sounding like an excellently sweet deal to me. However he says, "Hmmm, go to a long boring meeting,
Or come home and take care of a wicked wee beastie...hmmm." He didn't answer the question, but he didn't have to. That just struck me as hilarious, as the way he said it Neither of these are any kind of fun. He went to the meeting.
I need to work on my salesmanship.
Today has totally been a day like that, we spent the whole day at home, having OT come out broke up the day a bit, but it was quiet. OK, by quiet I mean we didn't do much, Chris wasn't quiet. Chris was feeling sniffly, eyes are a little red, and in general, he was pretty hornery if he wasn't watching Fraggle Rock. So, we watched like 3 hours of Fraggle Rock. Amy called and bribed me with dinner if I'd come save her sewing machine. I was like sweet deal! I lucked out totally and was able to actually make the sewing machine go, however the children were misbehaving, fiercely, and making my head and stomach hurt. Not conducive to a dinner, even if I didn't have to make it. At first I thought it was just Bryn whose screams were making my ears bleed. Yeah, so I thought. I had peace for about three minutes from when we left to when the pump backpack touched his leg when we turned right. We ran by the library to take books back, and when I tried to be generous and let him play, Chris started in with the ear bleeding cries. There is tons to do at the library, I only won't let him do 2 things: no drinking water from the water fountain (silent aspirator and iffy water, umm no), and no playing on the computer. So, what does he want to do, ummm, those two things. And he melted down. He pulled 1 book off the shelf, ran out of Juniors, and into adult section before I caught him. I asked him if he wanted this book, he told me to put it away. I did, and you never heard such a meltdown. So we're out of there. It's amazing how quickly I can scoot out of the library. He cried all the way home, and a mile and a half is a very long way with those ear splitting screams. Time outs in carseat are only effective if I take away all the fun stuff, but I still have to deal with the howling screams. I like Time Outs at home better where I can throw him in the crib, and leave the room, and not beat him. I felt like Eric, having to choose between passing the time between my screaming child or another, neither was an appetizing choice.


amypfan said...

This does make me feel a teensy tiny bit better, but I still blame Bryn for the crankiness!