Friday, December 14, 2018

Wonky Pneumonia

So, let's start off by saying I had no idea I was sick.  I had an annoying cough.   I'd been cutting back on milk for the last couple days, because I had some drainage, and milk was aggrevating it.  But towards the late half of this week, my slightly annoying cough, was growing to more than mildly annoying.  I was coughing so hard in the mornings that I peed!  I thought only old people did that.  I've heard once you have a bunch of kids that happens.  But I had 3 c-sections, my bladder should be fine.  Except apparently, when I cough that hard.  Then Thursday afternoon, I was coughing telling Eric a story and laughing had set me off.  I told him it was beginning to hurt my head when I coughed.  A lot.  Like I might "Blust a burd vessel." I mean of course, if I had aneurysm, that blood vessel would burst.  But that's not how it came out.  OK, ok, maybe I am feeling little more run down than I thought.  I went for a nap.  Then I got up, coughed some more, peed some more, so I called and made an appointment with my doctor.
I didn't think I'd need to keep it for myself. Honestly, Jacob coughed once so hard at breakfast, I thought he'd need it.   But nah, he was fine after one good go.   And he wanted to go to school.

Meanwhile, my appointment was set for 12:30.  I sent Jacob off to school with his brothers.  And then I met my Dad for a cup of coffee.   This was particularly interesting as he was coughing a little, kind of like me.  He apologized (just like I have been) for his "mildly annoying cough".  He'd been diagnosed with bronchitis two days prior.  But he said, he was on antibiotics and fine.
Come to think of it...
Uh oh.
I sound a little like that too.  I wondered if I might have bronchitis.  Maybe I should keep that appointment.   Maybe I should get Jacob checked....  I felt fine.  I thought to myself.  No biggie.  My Dad ordered a drink, a Chai Latte.  Funny, I never knew he drank those.  I got a Medicine Ball from Starbucks.  Since I realized I'm feeling funny, I've been disinclined to have super milk and sugary coffee.  I didn't want any of that.   The Medicine Ball was what I needed.   And it was good to talk to my dad.  So I thought as I left, I'll keep that appointment, but maybe first pop by the school and check on Jacob.  Maybe he'll need to come with me.   You know, actually, maybe we both should kidnap Jacob for lunch.  I haven't spent enough quality time with him lately.  I take the big boys to therapy and out for lunch dates all the time.  But I don't take Jacob.  Poor kid, I thought.  He gets the fuzzy end, being the littlest.  I got to feeling quite bad for him.
Eric was on board with kidnapping Jacob with me, just to take him out and give him a little Quality Time.  He was working from home.  He's been working a gig lately, where he works from home.    It's just we can't predict when that will be. We never know when it's going to happen, so we can't plan anything. Anyway, he got all set up and we went to the school.
Eric dropped me off by the entrance, and waited.  We didn't think it would take long to grab Jacob.  It did though, we caught him just as he was entering the cafeteria.  When they brought him to the office, I said "Guess what?!  We're kidnapping you for lunch!  It's a rainy day, you'll have recess with us.  Don't you want to go out for macaroni and cheese or pancakes?"  I  must've overwhelmed him with my joy, because he was mellow, and quiet.  By the time we got to the car, he started to cry.
"I'm gonna miss Choice Time." What?!  He didn't want to miss Choice Time. I don't know what that is, is it instead of outdoor recess, is it part of class. We told him we'd bring him back after lunch and recess.  Instead, he burst into tears.  Not just tears, giant growing snowballs of tears slowly rolling down his face.  There were little words. (Note he hasn't been talking about his feelings much either, but we're working on it.)  It was pitiful.  He told me he wanted to stay and do Choice Time.  He wanted to have lunch with his friends.  I thought, Oh, OK, you tell me a problem, this is one we can fix.  OK, we can do that.  Eric said, I'll go park the car.  I turn back around and take Jacob sobbing back into school.  I explain to the gals, that he didn't want to leave.  So the second he's back, I look around, and he has left me, and run for the cafeteria.  He didn't even want us to stay.  Shocked I turned and left.  I kind of felt like crying.  I couldn't believe he didn't want to have lunch with us, that he'd rather eat at school.   That's the first time I've ever had a kid do that.  He really wanted to be at school.

So I left.

I left my baby at school, and went to have a lunch date with my hubby.   It made me kind of sad.  He preferred school to me.  We'd gotten such a good motivation for pancakes thinking about what Jacob would want, we decided to take ourselves to IHOP.

I opted to go for the dairy.  After all, I'm not very sick, just got a little drainage.  
Plus, green grinch cocoa!  
Well, they were out of green whip cream, probably better for my colon after all, so I got white whip with red heart candies and peppermint cocoa.  It was So Good! 

My handsome date.  
Each of us got omelettes with a side of pancakes. 
I was STUFFED!  
My Cinnamon stack of pancakes was Awesome.  
We drowned our left out sorrows in pancakes and omelettes, and it was actually very nice.
So then I went to the doctor.  Turns out she didn't like what she saw.  
She wasn't as vocal about grossness, Dr. Cooper would've said Eww, Gross.  He and I have that repoire.  Dr. Wright not so much.  But when I asked if it was gross and disgusting in my throat, she bobbed her head yes.   And then she diagnosed me. 
With Walking Pneumonia. 
Walking Pneumonia. 
Have you heard of it?  I have.  I had one friend who got it a few years back.  She was "lucky", she never got hospitalized, but she was miserable for weeks.   And she had littles. 
But for me, it's Birthday season, and Christmas!  
I can't be Sick!  
With Walking Pneumonia.  

OK, fine.  Give me Drugs.  I openly admitted I was "drug seeking".  I know there's a negative connotation with that, but I didn't care.  I am not going to be sick at Christmas. I have 3 Sweetboys to Spoil! I'm not cancelling birthday parties for my own sickness.  

She put my on a Z pack, azithromycin.  I came home for drugs and nap, after I had some difficulty at the drug store,  Turns out after much brouhaha, I was in the insurance company as a male.  And at the drug store as a female.  Eric got it worked out for me, and picked me up my drugs.   I took a booster double dose of the Z pack with dinner.   We took the kids out, to the Kumon Center for Reading Night. You'd think Eric and I would have gone on a date.  Nope. My energy was gone, and now I knew why.  But once I got back in the car to go get said yahoos, I got an idea. 
As my friend Marta says, "Make Every Trip Count."  
So while we were out and about, we took the scenic route home, and stopped in town to see some Christmas Lights.  We drove through a friend's neighborhood.  

We stopped at the Town Hall Light Show. 
I was glad to see a proper show with the boys. 

We found the lights at Arbuckle.  
Lucky for us, it's kind of pain to get to, so there wasn't a crowd.  
So we got the kids out real quick for a photo op.  
That was fun.  
And when I got home, I was pooped.  I read up on Walking Pneumonia.  It's not like the pneumonia that people die of.  It's obnoxious and rude, and interferes with people's holiday social schedules, but I'm not going to the hospital.  Drugs should help.  It's a milder form.  Still obnoxious though. And I'm already tired of springing leaks every time I cough. I'm just gonna feel kind of gross for a while. 
If you hear my coughing up a lung or running to the bathroom while coughing, don't worry.  
I'm OK. 
I just have Wonky Pneumonia. 

These two oils: Peppermint and RC have brought me 8 tons of Supportive Relief tonight. 
And on that note, I have babbled enough and need to take my pneumotic self to bed.