Tuesday, December 18, 2018

#19 Out of 20

We crossed another one off our Date List.  
Saturday morning. 
The Church borrowed all the boys so they could practice for the Christmas Pageant. 
In return for giving them our kids, we get to go shopping for a couple hours, and have lunch. 
Best deal ever! 

First we went to Target, and stopped at the Starbucks there, and finished up some shopping for the boys.  I got a Medicine ball, which I must confess has really been help opening my chest and throat. It's half steamed lemonade and half two teas, Defense with Pineapple and Jade Citrus Mint.  And honey.  It's not the sweetest beverage they offer, the combo of peppermint and citrus can overwhelm. But it does the trick. 

I felt good enough to have a date lunch with my hun. 

For lunch, we went to Thai Lanna. 
It's a great Thai place on the west side, but since word has gotten out it's good, it's usually crowded when we go by.  They don't staff for crowds, so we hadn't been in a while. 
But it was dead quiet at 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Luckily for us. 
So we got some crab rangoon, which was so yummy.  And tried the last Thai curry puff in the place. And of course, my chicken on a stick.  Aka chicken satay.  
I wish I knew how to make that cucumber sauce they serve.  It's like sugar and vinegar and tiny bits of cucumber and red pepper.  I love it, I could drink it! 

I got this. Eric got his usual Pad Thai so Thai Hot flavored it makes him cry. He likes it that way. 
Mine was Thom Yum soup with Pad Thai, was it Thom Thai, or Pad Yum, Thom Pad?  I don't remember. 

Whatever you call it, it was magical soup with noodles. 
That stuff clears my chest out too.  And my sinuses. 
Thom yum is magical, and I liked having it with noodles. 

We love getting out for Thai food, but it's not very often. 
I really crave oriental food in winter. I don't know why. 
And the soup whenever I'm sick helps. So I guess it all works out. 
And we crossed another date off our list. <3

1 more to go....