Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Princess...
and the rest of us! 

Each boy gets a new train car for his train from Santa every year.  
So the boys couldn't wait to investigate their new train cars.  

Santa brought a bunch of new characters for the Disney Infinity game.  

Stocking time! 
Santa really stuffed their stockings full. 

There's no waiting! 
They can't wait to open their goodies. 
Christmas is one of those times where I can consider Autism a Blessing. 
Chris is so set on routine, that as the oldest, he insists on keeping our regular routines, dressing in matching jammies, opening their stuff together.  He leads.  And as he's aging, he gets the other ones going in the same directions. This Christmas involved less insanity and more enjoyment of each other. 

I Need my Space. 
It's hard to see this shirt, but it's so perfectly Jacob. 
Jacob wants to be an astronaut, and his favorite color is yellow.  
He also gets easily overstimulated. So Perfect. 

I totally picked this one out for Sam. 
You Matter.  Unless you multiply yourself by the Speed of Light. Then You Energy.
Sam is totally destined to be my Science Geek. 

More Yellow things!  
He has been begging for a yellow sled.  
Too bad there wasn't any snow for him to go out and test it out on the little hill in the backyard. 

Sam in a Slytherin Scarf. 
He knew this one was coming. He asked for it.  
And it was HUGE.  I hope he grows into it. ;) 

Christmas Day mornings are Lazy. 
We watch movies, or read books, sometimes at the same time.  
I'm pretty happy about my little history geek. 

Mommy Got a Starbucks Mug!  
And of course had to test it. 
When we were on our Fall Break trip, and drove through 

Mommy's Musicians. 

 Before I'd let them have any screen time, I made them practice. 
It wasn't their best work, but their Away in a Manger is making progress every day. 
Maybe it'll be Awesome by January? 

Breakfast #1.  
Christmas Bacon. 
Eric's aunt Betty makes this amazing bacon during the holidays. Eric has got it all figured out now.  It's brown sugar and a pinch of cayenne, and a few other secret ingredients.  I don't know.  I just know that if he doesn't set it on fire, it's AWESOME!   
It's a happy breakfast.  
Also pictured with honey flakey biscuits.  Chris, in his Spectral Glory, decided that we need to have this breakfast for every holiday, not just Christmas.  He is a boy of routine. 

The Kids at the Kiddie Table. 
Merry Christmas.  
My Dad and Stepmom always put on such an amazing spread. And I love that the kids are old enough and responsible enough that we can let them be together.  No meltdowns. Just Joy. 

Chris sloves the idea of special treats. But he is such a boy of routine, he has to have his standard chocolate cake for dessert when he's at Oma and Opa's.  

The Carnage. 
How the boys get spoiled by their Oma and Opa.  
I love it.  It's just a part of the insanity of the day. I tried to get other pics, but never failed that people were moving.  I thought about posting a vision all the blurriness. 
I wasn't doing much as I'm still recovering from my Walking Pneumonia. I got a nap before we went to Daddy's so that helped give me some energy to get through the wild and crazy day. 
But I'll take it all to see them so happy and full of Joy. 

Charlie got a Sparkle shirt.  Sequins and Unicorns are what is in this year, so Aunt Cathy had to oblige!

Annie is also Sensitive like Chris, so although Sequins were the theme, I went a little more low key with hers and grabbed the sequined mittens.  
Why don't they make these fun goodies for grownups?! 

Lisa loved her presents.  
I got her some Greek Thyme honey from Greece and some Oils. 
She studied abroad back in the day, and fell in love with it while she was there.  But she couldn't get any here. She happened to mention it in passing a few months back, and so she got a very padded package of it. She was very happy about every gift and touched that we remember. 

Oma made me slippers.  My Stepmom used the same pattern that Grandma used to make, and made slippers for everyone.  Mine are beautiful varigated shades of aqua, teal and turquoise. My favorite color is everything between green and blue.  
So after all the crazy of the day, I'm ending my evening watching Christmas movies in my new jammies that Eric got me and slippers by treelight.  And fabulously enough they match! 

Merry Christmas to All and To All a Good Night. 


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