Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Key and Yeses Yee

My nieces Kaylee (14) and Alexis (17) performed in the Holiday Orchestra concert last night.  Unfortunately, Eric was toast, had a massive head and leg ache.  And 2 of the 3 boys were crazy.  I won't tell you which, because it kept changing, so much that we knew not to bring them to the concert.  So I went to Represent.  I talked to my niece on my way in, but she was so out of it, she didn't even look at me, it was almost like she didn't know me.  I think her mind must have been getting in the Zone. I was so excited for her.  I always loved concerts, but would get nervous at the crowds.
I sat alone in the concert last night, just thinking, I knew them when they were little.  Now here she is, a Senior, 1st Chair of her school's highest Symphony Orchestra.  She's up front and serious, and she has Mad Skillz with a cello.  And it made me sad.  Being her aunt changed my life.  In the time it took my body to make one child, I was gifted with two amazing nieces.  I remember Alexis calling herself  'Yeses Yee Merman'.  And Chris called Kaylee, Teeyee, or Tee, or Key.  And last night, for the first and only time, they both performed on the same stage at school.  This was because the Orchestras invited the 7/8 Symphonic Wind Ensemble to perform.

So Kaylee got to play on the first song of the night.  
Kaylee does Percusion with the Avon Middle Symphonic Wind Ensemble. 

Trust me she's back there. 
Unfortunately, her director completely blocks the view. 
He does move back and forth and we can see her blonde head for a moment. 
And we can hear.  That giant bass drum is hard to miss once the music picks up.
Well done Kaylee! 

Alexis backed up one of the younger orchestras. 
Alexis is in the Avon Symphony Orchestra, but in her "spare time" she helps out the other kids. 

Doesn't she just play Beautifully! 
She really has a Gift.
I hope she carries it on through college. 

She's First Chair this year.  

They snuck their first piece up on me, sorry for the late start. 
It's the Avon take on the Trans Siberian Orchestra version of Carol of the Bells.  
And it was Powerful. 
I could've stood up, applauded and gone home right then. 
Game, set, match.

But there was more. 

Action shot. <3
She really has amazing form. 

Guess who paid a visit to this concert?!  
We had some very good boys and girls at this concert! 

This smile on Lexi's face as Santa and the Director interacted with a young guest touched me. 

So after introducing Santa, he got to visit with lots of little kids as the Orchestra played on. 
I saw my nephew Jeremiah in line with Kaylee, but didn't catch them.  
It really was a Wonderful concert.  

A Grand Finale.