Monday, May 8, 2017

Taking a Moment

I read something this morning, about why we do what we do.  
Specifically, it was an article about parents, and why those of us that stay home attend all the rehearsals, and be home after school, just to be available to our kids.  
Because it doesn't last.  
My baby is 4 now.  With the last two kids, by the time they were this age, I was expecting another one. That is no longer the case.  The shop is closed.  
Some days lately, it makes me sad.  My littlest is getting so big.  

This article made me want to treasure my time with him.  
Today was a Beautiful day, so we got out and did that. 
We've only got one more year left of Preschool. 
Time for Mama to stop and smell the roses. 
Well, not literally.  
But Jake and I went outside to play. He climbed, slid, and got in the hammock with me. 
And it was good. 

The roses aren't quite ready to stop and smell yet, but the Allium is blooming. 
When we planted a 3 pack last year, Eric called them Dr. Seuss flowers.  The nickname has stuck. 
We're still calling them Dr. Seuss flowers.  I may need more than 3.  I think I like having them around.   They are kind of funny and fun at the same time.  They really are a Dr. Seuss sort of Flower. 

Speaking of fun and funny, taking an outdoor break with Jake was exactly what I needed. 
He was giggly and creative, and it's good to see him get a little crazy on his own.  
He's growing so fast.  I'm gonna miss having my baby around.  
My baby is 4, I need to take a moment just to work on stop calling him My Baby. 
Nah, that's never gonna happen.  I'll just take some time to treasure each age. 
They really do go fast.