Saturday, May 13, 2017

Photo Session

Today was probably the prettiest day we've had all year so far. 
Gorgeous, beautiful May weather. 
Perfect for getting outside.  
Daddy did do a bit of yard work, but since it's Mother's Day, I couldn't resist a picnic. 
We decided to do a small photo shoot and have a picnic down at Arbuckle Park. 

My Boys on the bridge. 

The boys thought that peeking through the planks was Awesome! 

The boys head up the stairs to the playground to play. 

Boys on a rock.  
I love this one. 

Trying a different angle of boys on the rock. 
Jacob wasn't quite as happy up there at this angle though. 
He got nervous, and eventually grabbed Chris's hair to hold onto. 
That didn't go over well.  
But we played for a while, had a KFC picnic lunch. 
And Mommy got her first sunburn of the season for Mother's Day.