Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Baby!

A Top Ten of my Sweet Boy and his Birthday! 
I can't believe this sweetboy is now 4!  

1. Jacob was not too patient once he realized there was Birthday Pig Present for him. 
He woke us all up a bit early, and wanted to open it right away.  This was the only picture that wasn't blurry, the boy was in Motion! 

2.  Originally, Jacob was so interested in his new Rescue Bots robot Blurr and Salvage, he didn't care about opening the other presents.  Then Sam grabbed one and tried to help him open it.  His big brothers were as pumped about his birthday as Jake was! 

3.  Jacob is 4.  He has no problems showing off these 4 fingers now! 

5.  As soon as he was dressed, he carried his cushion upstairs, by himself, and his Rescue Bots. 
He thought they all needed to watch an episode of Rescue Bots. 

6.  Jacob also received all new bedding for his room. He had requested in passing the Lego Batman sheets, so he got the sheets, comforter, and giant batman pillow.  Mommy made up the bed while he was at school and he was very surprised.  

7.  Daddy came home just as he was waking from his nap.  He was in a snuggly mood.  And it was Beautiful. 

8.  When we asked Jacob what he wanted for his Birthday Dinner, he told us Macaroni with Macaroni. Daddy made him the equivalent of almost a whole box.  He and Sam both got helpings like this.  He was so happy, but mildly annoyed that Mommy kept wanting to take pictures. 

9.  Since we're having a cake at his party on Friday night, we just got him a tiny cake at Kroger for today.  He picked out the chocolate peanut butter cake.  He blew out the candles before we even finished singing.  

10.  This was our last hurrah, curling up in the hammock as the day came to an end.  
A perfect ending to a great day. <3