Saturday, October 8, 2016

Going to Luke's

What a Beautiful morning!   
Before the kids got out of school for Fall Break, Jacob and I did a little something crazy on Wed. 

Have you ever watched Gilmore Girls?  
It was turning 16 years old this year,  Sweet Sixteen!  
They are releasing a reunion show miniseries on Netflix, coming the day after Thanksgiving. 
To celebrate, all across the country, local coffee shops were recreating Luke's Diner and giving away Free Coffee.  "Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!'

So I took Jacob, and we went. 
The line was huge!  I wish I'd met with some friends, because there were a lot of girlfriends out there attending this Luke's recreation.   And obviously, they were all big fans of Gilmore Girls.  

Jake and I were prepared.  I had brought the stroller, and ipad, just to entertain him if we needed to wait a while.    We did.  We waited about 45 minutes in line.  

But how cute is this sign at the Coffee shop?!

I'm ready for Luke's coffee! 

This place is pretty small, but very homey.  Behind the counter, everyone was decked out like Luke, in flannel and a backwards cap.  They even had a No Cell Phones sign!   

Woohoo!  Guess I know where I'd be on November 27th!  Watching Gilmore Girls!

There were tip jars for each of Rory's guys.  Am I Team Jess, Team Logan, or Team Dean? 
Actually, I always thought she and Tristan (in the first two seasons) fit best together.  I wish they'd developed that a bit more.   I don't think any of these guys were her equal.  But I voted for Jess.  At least he was smart, and recognized her for the gift she was, in spite of not having his shit together for most of the show. 

My free coffee, and to protect the innocent, a quick snap behind the counter.  
Cool place. 

Yes, even I dressed up like Luke.   I was totally sporting my vintage flannel, birkies, and backwards hat.  I totally stepped back in time, I swear I wore this same outfit to class and band all the time, 20 years ago while I was in school.  

After I got home, I found each cup had a special Lorelai Quote.  
Here's Mine.  

Now my cup has a special place of honor, on top of my coffee maker. 
What a fun adventure!