Friday, October 7, 2016

Coltsy Cuties

I like to try to get a picture of the boys in the fall in some sort of festive fall garb.  
Usually it's either their Butler shirts, or their Colts jerseys.  
This year, it's the Colts! 

Sorry Sam looks like such a goof.  
I can't decide why he smiles like Chandler from Friends. 

In this case, Sam muffed the shot by storing gum in his gums.  

I still like this shot though, Chris is a good big brother. 
They're all silly geese. 

 If only there was slightly less motion, at least their smiles are real.  
It's like trying to herd cats. 

The closest to the winner.  
Even when they aren't all looking at me, at least they are Cute. 
Go Horse!