Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I won't and I will

I won't miss hot summers, and the heat rash that comes with it.

I won't miss having to apply deodorant underneath them Every Single Day, and twice a day in summer.

I won't miss suffocating when I do downward facing dog in Yoga class.

I won't miss the pain associated with running, or any bouncing type exercise.

I won't miss being able to look down and not see my toes.   (I just slammed my toe into the kid's trampoline last night and thought I broke it, but turns out, I 'only' cut it and split the toenail.)  I miss seeing my feet when I walk.

I won't miss requiring a hot bath to soak my aching back and shoulders because there's so much top weight.  Well, maybe I might miss this one.

I won't miss being so embarrassed by my body that I hide behind things and people in photographs.

I'll miss nursing.  (I do already.  I miss having a little baby and an easy fix to stop their crying.)

I'll miss being able to pick up Jacob for weeks.

I'll miss being able to sleep on my tummy.

I'll miss having babies curl up on my bosom to nurse.  (These things provided comfort and nourishment for 3 kids for over 5 years total. That's a lot.)

I'll miss being able to just ignore tank tops as a possibility for wardrobe choices.  They've Never fit me before.  That'll be weird.  I might have to adjust my thinking about them.  Nahh.

I confess I am getting a little nervous.


Elizabeth said...

Thinking of you today, friend!