Thursday, July 7, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

I love a Long Weekend with Family! 

We started the weekend off with a bang!   
I had someone from Canvas Paintings with Katie come over and teach us how to paint this pretty patriotic landscape.  We made an evening of it.  There was wine, drinkies, and good times. 

It was really neat to see how many of my friends interpreted the same instructions differently.

What was really amazing, was that every painting turned out Gorgeous! 

Pretty Patriotic! 

And the next day, my blue delphinium bloom. 
It's not quite red, white, and blue, but pale pink and blue is pretty close. 

Poor Princess Dog.  
She doesn't handle Fireworks very well, but a little Lavender and Peace & Calming 2 in the diffuser helps.

On the 4th, we went up to my brother in law Karl's house for a nice cookout lunch.  
He and Erica live in a sweet neighborhood that we learned was having its own noontime Parade.

When the kids realized there was a Parade happening they made a mad dash for it.  

They found themselves a perfect spot to hang out.  
Cole wanted to join the Big Boys, but just couldn't quite handle it.  
So he and Uncle Karl watched, as the kids made two laps around the neighborhood.

Here they go! 

The whole neighborhood parade returned a few minutes later. 
With my children bringing up the rear.  

Then it was time for Smores! 
Honestly, though, my kids are happier just eating raw marshmallows and crackers.  
If we put them together, they give them to me. 

We're never up on this side of town, so we popped by the Lego Store for a what the heck present. 
They each made a character to bring home as a special treat.  

This child was exhausted.  He didn't nap.  He crashed on the way home.  
That was ok, we didn't do anything fancy for fireworks.  The kids had played hard all weekend, so we didn't anything fancy after dark on the 4th.  We came home and watched 1776 and Independence Day covering all manner of our Patriotic movie bases.  <3  And it was a great weekend.