Thursday, July 7, 2016

Proof of Life

Half my family is at Scout Camp.  
It's weird for Jacob and I to have the house to ourselves.
It's also especially strange for me not to talk to them everyday.

This was my Sweetboys yesterday when we left.  
I left before they did, as I wanted to go to a swim class at the Y.  
Jacob was jealous I wasn't taking pictures of him. 

We were cool.  Jake and I weren't freaking out about anything.  

But it took over 24 hours for this photo to come through.  
The boys made it, and they were at the camp, and most importantly, Happy!
But I miss them. It's weirdly quiet around here. I am so Thankful that I received some sort of proof they were ok.  

Tonight, we had a date with Aunt Lisa, checking out the new Books and Brews in Zionsville.

We sampled some of the brews.  They had great names like Whinnie the Brew and Dubbledore's Magic.  We checked out some of the books. There were so many things just like my bookshelf, down to the textbooks that I had in college.

Meanwhile, it was Kids night, where the kids meals were Free, and they had Games out for a game night!

 and Jacob checked out the Kids Grilled Cheese.  I loved this place. 

Quite good, one and all.  But I miss my boys.