Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Doings In Between

I only had a few days between our trip to Michigan, and my trip to Utah.   In the midst of all that Fun fell Father's Day.   So you can Imagine the Fun we had this weekend.

We returned Friday night, so that we could make it to Swim Classes at the Y on time.  That ended up working out Perfectly!

Both boys were showing improvements.  After just a day at the beach, they were happy to get back in the warm waters of our Y.   

Jacob even willingly jumped in and got wet.  

Chris and Sam got swim noodles and swam around.
They did a great job! 

I needed to solve the age-old question?
Which seafoam/fluff/honeycomb is better, the milk chocolate or the dark chocolate.
Eric and I both took surveys with goodies I brought back from Kilwin's.
Both are Fantabulous, but the dark chocolate won by a slim margin.

This candy won't last long.  

As a bit of a Father's Day surprise, and a chance to do something Familial while we're all home together for the weekend, I wanted to go see Finding Dory.  Going to the Drive In was on our Summer Wish List.  So seeing Finding Dory at the Tibb's Drive In theater seemed like the perfect choice.   This drive in is great, huge, and the only one left in town.  That's sad.

The kids had a great time.  We were one of the earliest cars in, so we got a great parking spot, and they hit the playground.  If you look closely, they are on what came to be known as the "swirling vortex of terror".  It wasn't so bad a toy when it was just them, but then a lot of bigger kids came around, and they didn't take into consideration how strongly some kids (like Sam or Chris) could hold on while spinning at supersonic speeds.  Chris got thrown.  Sam really got thrown, lost his shoes, and trampled.  Luckily, I had oils and wipes.  It was therafter I wouldn't let them play on it if there were any other kids... and there were.  That's about when it earned the name "swirling vortex of terror".

On a date with my honey bunny booboo sweetie.  
Isn't he dreamy?

So many kids took over the playground, it became dangerous, so I put the boys in the car, and turned on Finding Nemo.  Honestly, that was a Brilliant idea.  They got to watch it all the way to the end, with about 10 minutes to spare before the movie started.  

The second movie in our Drive In experience was Through the Looking Glass, the second movie in the Alice series, remade by Disney starting Johnny Depp.  But the people around us made so much noise, and our kids were toast.  We tried watching it for about 10 minutes.  But it strayed from the story, and was all about Jonny Depp.  Whatever.  I like him fine, but don't dress him up, and use another story just to star him.  It was bad.  We left.  This was like the second movie I've ever left the theater after paying full time prices before it was over.  (The other one was Robin Hood: Men In Tights) It was That Bad.  

We still didn't get home until 1 am.  I hate time change, it makes drive in movies not start until 10, Ugh.  

Happy Father's Day! 

This day was a good one for Starbucks coffee.  We let Daddy sleep in.  The boys didn't wake until 9. 
It was a bit of a treat for Mommy too. ;) 
Jacob was puttering around the house going, "Just Keep Swimming". <3

When we asked Daddy what he wanted to do.  
He wanted to go to the Y for a Family Swim. 
The boys are really improving, willing going into the water, and getting faces wet. 
It was actually a really good trip.  

After our swim at the Y, we went down to visit my Daddy for Father's Day.  Christopher had a great time helping his Opa and Oma train their 7 month old Yellow Lab pups.  The girls sit and the boys try to distract them.   Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't.  Chris did so well, they let him take the leash and practice 'heal'.  It worked pretty well too.  He's actually got quite a knack for handling dogs.  Another one of his gifts.

This was as close as I got at all three boys playing sweetly together.  

My favorite Daddies!  

Aww, aren't we sweet.  
I think I take most after my Dad, and I mean that in the best possible way.  
I've always been Daddy's Girl.  
I remember trying to mow the lawn with my shirt off back when I was Christopher's age.  
Yeah, that didn't go over so well...

Sunday evening Lisa got back from Michigan.  And she had custody of all the goodies that we had left behind.   Chris had very little patience of Lisa having his DS, so I asked if we could get together.  The girls had started a summer camp in Zionsville, so she met us at Strawberry Fields for a drop.  
It was good to see her.  What had it been, only two days?   
But we'd slept in our own beds since then, and that makes everything better.  

This wasn't Jacob's first trip to Mulberry Fields splash pad, but it was the first where he could really play and I could sit in the shade and watch.  

He liked the sprinklers. I love this pic of him paddling through the worm, though the water wasn't on full blast there.  

Sam was having some fun with it too.  He didn't stop moving.  

Nothing says Indiana like Corn.  
Sure, there's more than Corn in Indiana, there's corn shaped sprinklers! 

All three playing like maniacs.  

The boys were hysterical playing in the water as it splashed up.  

Karate chopping the water.  

Seriously, they were Karate Chopping the Water!  
Silly geese! 

My photo of the day was called Water.  So this was the one I submitted.  I like how my phone captured the droplets.  Not too bad for a phone camera.  

Hard to capture a moving target.  

All of them getting water in the face.  

Before we left, I made them stop moving for a picture.  
They barely stopped moving.  And it was a rare few seconds when no other kids were playing in the sprinkler play area either.  A rare moment.  They were being pretty sweet too.  

Cuteness Therapy

Tuesday was my Last Day before I left them to go to the YL Convention in Utah, I wanted to get a selfie with the four of them.  They didn't want to play on Tuesday, so we just hung out at home.  My photo theme that day was Looking Up.  I left Tuesday evening so I could crash at  their Grandma's, because my Father In Law was taking us to the airport at dark thirty, but that is a story for another time, and another blog.