Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vintage Awesomeness!

I have a friend that is moving.   She put out an apb on FB asking if anyone wanted some gently used garden stuff, like containers perfect for planting tomatoes with the stakes built in.  I jumped at the chance, and was able to get my dibs in.   So yesterday, I got to go north to pick up the pots.   And when we were jabbing, she said she had a couple extra goodies if I wanted anything.   I found myself picking up some amazing goodies like toys and games for the kids.  I picked up a Light Bright kit, a solar system puzzle, and a Fisher Price microscope kit with slides.  Oh, the inner geek in me was dying!  

Jacob picked up this cool Beatles toy, with Paul.  I'm sure it's not of extra value because it's from 1999, but Jacob wouldn't put it down.  I called it his Beatle.  He kept asking to open "my bee'le" and carrying the box around faithfully.  If it is valuable, I don't think it will be for long.  Just the box was making his day!

So, I was telling my sister tales of the goodies we received from my friend K, and Lisa showed me a recent find, all our our My Little Ponies from the 80s.   So Awesome I couldn't stand it.  She opened a bag up on the floor and we took a look.  Jacob wanted to play with them just as much as we used to.  

We sat there trying to remember everyone's names, and who they belonged to.  I picked up Twilight, I remembered her.  Lisa remembered that Sea Shell was her favorite.  I looked at my Pegasus with the Lightning on her bottom, and it all came back to me, she was my first, fly, fire, lightning.  Lisa says, Oh and Firefly, and Baby Firefly.   The next thing I know, I was picking them up and trying to brush out their hair, just like the old days.   

Lisa and her "Pony Hoarde"!  

Aww, her stuffy Bow Tie, Mama and Baby Tic Tac Toe, and we snuggled up with all our fabulous ponies.  A friend asked her if she'd be interested in selling, and she said, Oh No, these have been too Loved.  I think it's not that they were Loved and damaged, but these were So Loved, that we could never part with them.  Lisa and I agreed, never to get rid of them.  I mean, we haven't seen them in in 20 years, and Bam, we were playing just like old times. How did we remember all the names?!  

My Mom came home from work early, while we were brushing and playing with our ponies.  She thought we'd be embarrased if she threatened to take our picture.  I let her. We already had.  And we were laughing so hard at ourselves, I had tears in my eyes.  Only the best kind!    

Before I headed out, I had to share with Lisa one last vintage present, a Light Bright, that K had in her Goodwill pile.  I snagged it.  Technically, we have a second generation Light Bright around here somewhere. I remember stepping on tiny lights at the old house.  It's probably in the basement.   But this came with a box for the lights, and a mitful of paper, all ready to play.   If we'd had more time, we probably would have played with it too.  

Instead, I got a wild hair, and left it with Lisa for the girls to play with.  I thought they'd love it more.  They love all kinds of artsy things.   

2 hours later, my sister sent me this picture.  
And immediately, the girls had to call me, to Thank Me.  I  was touched, and just happy that all these great toys are finding new life with kids who appreciate their awesomeness.  (Or Grownups who do!) I Thanked K, for sharing all the vintage awesomeness, and forwarded on the pic to her.  
The old is cool again! 

Hey Li - wanna come over and play like it's 1986 again? ;)