Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Uncle James comes to town

At the beginning of September my sister moved back to Indy from "Hell Paso".  I'm so happy to have her back, but it was rough because of illnesses and their traveling, we couldn't see her until just this past week.  James got a week and some change off before he deploys at the beginning of October.  He drove Lisa's minivan up from TX, full of stuff.  He's a superchamp. Last Thursday, we decided to have a picnic lunch and go to the park.  I was even planning on kidnapping Chris to do it.  Well, it rained.  We ended up just having the 'picnic' at our house, and they brought sandwiches.   I still kidnapped Chris.  So we had all 5 yahoos running around, well, really only 4 were running.  But since they barely playing to eat, I got no pictures of them from this visit.  I did manage to capture Uncle James and Aunt Lisa fawning all over Jacob though. :)

James was so impressed by Jacob's girth, that he did an impression.  

Aunt Lisa barely stopped moving herself she was so excited to hold this giant butterball.  She couldn't get over his legs either, she called him her little sausage.  Well, it's true, he kind of is.  He has beautiful dents in places that don't bend.  He's my roly poly puddin' pie. 

At this same age, Lisa was "the blob", well, Jacob looks like the Thing that ate The Blob. He's a Beast.  But he's the sweetest beast.  
Our luncheon was great, brief but great.  
Luckily, my Dad had a schemy idea, for all of us to meet up at Brozzini's, the best wings and pizza place in town, on the south side by them.  So Saturday we met up for lunch.  It's a good thing they give us a wide open space there.  They know we're coming, and they know we bring a new kind of crazy, and they love us anyway, and serve us well.  The cousins were chock full of crazy! 

They have these bread knots - the kids eat them plain, but Daddy, Lisa and I go bonkers for this garlic parmesan butter sauce they smother them with, it's Awesome!  

We really do bring a whole new kind of Crazy everywhere we go. 
I had such monster cravings for their wings and pizza when I was pregnant - they make a wicked white pizza where they put ricotta cheese on top like scoops of ice cream.  So good.  I got it with added mushrooms and bacon on it, much like the Bazbeaus quattro formaggio that has mushrooms bacon and 4 cheeses, but Brozzini's is better! 

Lucky for Eric and I (and my tummy) Uncle James and Aunt Lisa took a few rounds of baby juggling when Jacob started his fussage.   

Aunt Lisa was singing Downtown Strutters Ball, and Sentimental Journey to him, and he was perfectly content.  But then she got mean and put him in his bucket, he was not down with that.  
But that's ok Aunt Lisa - he hates it equally for all of us. 

Our crazy clan - or as Eric put it, "A slice of Fam".