Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flowers from the Zoo

I do so love to take pictures of flowers.  I know you know this about me.  
But I've missed it so much by missing last spring, I haven't had near the amount of time I wish to do editing and whatnot, but still, here's a few pretties from the beginning of fall at the zoo. 

These little guys were in bloom going nutsy by the dolphin pavilion.  

**The Zoo was kind enough to reply and tell me that this flower is called Gomphrena 'QIS Carmine'
aka Globe Amaranth. **

And I wasn't the only one to find this little orange zinnia pretty. 

Lisa and I loved the white orchids.  

Apparently these are called Pentas lanceolata, also known as the Egyptian Starcluster, a big hit for butterfly gardens, that explains why they are inside with the butterflies and orchids. 

Found a Morning Glory in bloom.  I love these.  

What I really love, is this is totally unedited, just capturing the pure glow of the natural flowers. 

A canna lily, they're blooming happily time of year too. 

The water lilyies were blooming too.    If you star at this for a while, you can see all kinds of blooms. It was like that outside too too. 

OK, I did edit this 1, just this one, because I wanted to crop in closer.  

And last but not least, guess what time it is - Fall - that means Mums!  
I love chyrsanthemum season.