Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two Weeks

Two weeks from today, we'll be on vacation.
I'm counting it from today because in theory this heinous project Eric will be working on will be done. Theoretically next Saturday is his last day. I'm usually the kind of girl that tries to write about the Joy in my life. I have so much to be thankful for, and I'm pretty Blessed. But lately, the boys are about the only things that make me happy.
I hate to vent online, I usually do that in person, but I'm so frustrated. Eric is here but he's not HERE. He's here, but he's ignoring me, ignoring the boys. They just want to spend time with him. Chris went into this long almost tantrum about how he NEEDED Daddy. And it's just not good. But I see that its upsetting him too. He's so sleep deprived. How can he be fixing things if he's too tired to see straight, or if he's forgetting to eat?!

So I found some HOPE. 2 weeks.
We'll be on Vacation. It will be Thanksgiving. This project will be done. And even if it isn't they aren't bugging us, because as far as they know he's taking the vacation as of Thanksgiving. I joke about taking his computer or his cell phone and throwing them out the window. But I won't. We will box up his computer and not open it beginning Thanksgiving and maybe he can open it after we return from Disney. Maybe. He and I are arguing the point of whether or not he should leave his cell phone too. I say leave it, we'll take mine if we need it. He wants it, not for work, but if we want to talk to each other across the Parks. It will be nice to debate about vacationy things.


SuperSillyAunt said...

Voice of experience: Eric would much rather be spending time with you guys than working. Be mad at the job not the man:) These boys are working really hard not for themselves, but for their families. To give us a good life. Be thankful that you never had to live through a public accounting busy season:) Ryan would go for weeks without seeing Alexis even though he was home to sleep (not that he could sleep very well). Just my 2 cents...hang in there! It's rough...I know...

Carla S said...

I feel your pain of being a "single parent" with financial supplement. :) It's rough. Some days are worse than others, but in the end, it all finds its balance and things come back to the happy middle.

Enjoy Disney World. You are the biggest Mickey fan I know (adult form) and I am sure there are many memories to be had with the Mouse.

Kathy said...

That's tough, because I know that Eric would rather be home with you, but he just can't!

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. I'm so jealous you get to go on vacation! :)