Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Review: Dawson's

We actually got to see a bit of Eric this past weekend! His project is coming to a close, and while they debug, he's had some small chunks of hours where he can Close the Laptop and just BE with us. So Friday night, when we realized he didn't have homework, we opted to go out on a date. I called Grandma who was More than willing to watch a couple sweet boys. On our drive over there, Christopher told me, "Mommy, you doe on a Date with Daddy, I doe see Drama." Good Idea Son! I liked that idea (of course that's what we were doing anyway, but I had only told him that he was going to see Grandma.
So we dropped off the kids, and headed out. Eric was sweet and opening doors, he decided he wanted to take me this place in Speedway, Dawsons-on-Main. It's a Mom and Pop joint, owned by a couple of our church members. They've catered some church events and their food is Scruptious! But I hadn't been there. Eric is doing a gig at Allison, right next door, and he keeps reminding himself he wants to go there for dinner.
So we did.
It was nice. The atmostphere was nice, kind of romantic for dinner: candles on the tables and cloth napkins, my idea of Nice. There were families there, so kids are allowed, but it was quiet enough that is was a good date place too.

Well, we were impressed with the menu, so we ordered quite a smattering of things to try. However, we didn't put our wine order in right away, after we put our order in, our gal disappeared. For a long time, like 20 minutes. Eric was Not Happy, and I said, "So pull over another waitress and get a glass of wine!" A gal overheard me, and immediately rushed over. She gave us the wine list, we ordered, and she disappeared too. Our appetizers arrived. No wine. Our dinner arrived. No wine. They got Eric's dinner wrong, bringing the special when he wanted same steak differently done, acc to the menu. So we mentioned that Eric's soup and our wine were missing too. They brought us wine, MINE was wrong. Sent it back only to learn (eventually) that they were out of the wine I ordered. So I got something else. We sampled the House Onion soup (very cheesy). Eric got steak and crab cakes. I got calamari and mustard crusted chicken with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes. Every single thing we tasted was Wonderful. Eric eventually got his meal, I got my wine, and things were good, for about 5 minutes, when I had wine but was out of water. (I like to drink both.)Three different gals had 'served' us, and None of them successfully. Finally a 4th gal helped, things got resolved. I got my water, but by this time, I was full and ready to go home. Everytime some gal came by to ask how we were doing, we'd say, The Food is good. Because it was.

The Food was Fabulous.

The service sucked.

It took us another half an hour to leave. We had to ask for our bill, Wait forever for our original server to bring it, then wait some more while she ran it through. Good Grief. The 4th gal mentioned in passing, I'm sorry, I heard you guys had 3 different servers tonight. Maybe no one could decide "Who's" we were. So we were no ones and thus neglected. I'd like to try it again to see if the bad service was a fluke, because the food was Really Good. But not anytime soon. At least the boys were happy at Grandma's.