Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Sweet 16

We leave tomorrow on our trip, so we didn't want to get too crazy with the socializing today, but we couldn't help ourselves. It's the Holidays, we're on Vacation, and the boys are so amazingly adorable I couldn't help but take a bazillion pictures today. So here you go:

1. First our friends the Gornto's popped by, so we met them at Starbuck's, and the kids got to play. Chris drank real hot cocoa and played with his new favorite toys, the Dinosaur Transformers. He even shared with Samantha.

When it was time to go, he wanted to give her a smooch, classic ladies' man. But she would have NONE of it.

2. We went over to my Dad's for lunch, and the kids got to play with Daddy's 8 month old German Shepherd puppy Schnitzel, she was born the day before Sam.

Sam Adored her.

Chris was terrified. It took serious work, but Schnitzel eventually won him over with Kisses.

3. My Favorite Dish that my Stepmother makes: Turkey Pie. I know, it's crazy, she makes all kind of extreme stuff by hand, but this turkey pie, it's her "leftovers" from the holidays. Turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing, all thrown in a made from scratch pie crust, served with homemade gravy and squash. My perfect bite is gravy dipped turkey pie with a splash of squash. Oh my.

4. Sam joined in the fun today too. He got to sit in the high chair like a big boy!

5. Like that wouldn't have been enough. Rather than eat his baby food , he sampled some of MB's homemade squash...and he Loved it.

6. Clearly Sam was on a roll today, after lunch, he was sitting in my lap, and he sticky-fingered Christopher's cup of water and put it in his mouth. It was a sippy cup but it had no stopper. So he drank. (Unfortunately it wasn't his first incident with water, he drank some from the bathtub-ugh- a couple weeks ago.) A little least I think he did.

7. Chris got to the the honored boy who helped Oma put out the stable.

The Final product.

8. She showed him how it was done, then he got to choose where they put the wise men. The wise men move closer to the nativity throughout the Christmas season (in our house), not to arrive at the Baby Jesus until Epiphany.

9. The Abominable Snowman attacked my Father.

10. But somehow my father found the energy to bounce both boys on his knees.

Both boys. He's 60! I can barely do that. They had a Good Time. Chris was not happy to come home.

11. So when we got home, and after naps we started putting out our own Christmas goodies. Eric had gotten the lights on the tree yesterday. But today, we brought out all the Stuff. First we put our own Nativity. The tremendously awesomely Child Friendly, Little People Nativity. That has edible people. (Of course I snagged Baby Jesus while he wasn't looking, to hide him until Christmas morning.) And he moved the Wise men (and woman so Chris says) to the piano to start their long walk around the house.

12. Sam on the other hand was infatuated with all the Christmas Stuffies that we brought out. The Grinch was his first choice. He took a hold of him, smiled and wouldn't let go.

13. Sam wasn't about to let go of the Grinchy just to go investigate the tree, Grinch came along for the Roll. Sweetboy rolls up under the Christmas tree. With the Grinch.

14. Then this evening, after supper, we put the ornaments up. Chris was actually Quite Helpful. Mostly helpful. It was pretty cool to see him enjoy it. But there was a bit of confusion how some of these were not Toys, but the ornaments to "make the Tree Happy".

15. Sam observed most of the festivities. He was pretty content to chew on an ornament box while the rest of us decorated the tree.

16. The last. This year's honor of who got to put the Angel up goes to Chris. I wouldn't say he was a good boy all evening, he kept wanting to play, but he was really thrilled when 10 minutes after putting him to bed, I snuck back in, and said, Oh I forgot, I need you to put the angel up. He was wobbly, he laid it on its side, and let go, and it fell down, so really Daddy ended up doing it. But it was Very Cool for him to put up the Angel this year.


SuperSillyAunt said...

What a warm fuzzy post! Your dad seems to be really enjoying his role as "Grandpa". Those boys are lucky to have him! And I'm so happy to see Chris still likes the Little People Nativity I got him! I hope it continues to give him much joy!

Cathy said...

Yeah, Chris loves it. Sam even loves it, he was chomping on a camel this morning. And yes, my Dad is a wonderful Grandpa!