Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The White Stuff

Well, once again, Christopher was not destined to complete a full week of school. We got a FOOT of snow dumped on us today, the most in quite a while. The beautiful thing about this was that Daddy was able to work from home today too! So, we all took a break and ventured forth into the snow.

Daddy shows Chris how to make a snowball!

Unfortunately, Eric was certain this snow was completely the WRONG kind to make snowballs or snowman. Don't be telling me that! Especially after I told the boy We're Making a Snowman. Though he was kind of right.
Mommy was Determined to make a Snowman, even if it meant only making a giant cone shaped pile of snow, and putting a scarf on it.

This snow is MUCH Better for the making of Snow Angels. Though someone was a little weirded out by Mommy Flopping into the snow. Chris just laughed and laughed. He wanted to join me but was apprehensive, until I pushed him into the snow, then he made angels with me. And then I got stuck. I had to pull up on Eric will ALL my weight to get up. :)

Christopher's favorite part was decorating our snowman. I had him put one eye in, and then I did the other main face pieces, but he kept running back for more "stits" (sticks). They were really dried flower stems that I'd never got around to pulling this fall, we had black eyed susan eyes, arms and buttons for the "shirt" and a dried petunia tie.


SuperSillyAunt said...

That's the most beautiful "unflavored" snow cone I've ever seen!

amypfan said...

He's adorable in the snowsuit!

Mike said...

Jabba the Snowman? :)

Cathy said...

You know I didn't think so, until you said that, but yeah, kinda.