Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Fill Ins

1. It's January; I love the snow. I even don't mind the ice, it's so pretty on the trees, as long as I (or anyone I love) has to drive on it. I hate winter driving. Speaking of which, Ice tonight and snow tomorrow-woohoo.

2. M&M cookies is what I crave most right now. When we visited the model home, they had chocolate cookies with pink m&ms that hit the SPOT!

3. Cork and wine go together like
salt and pepper. I kind of miss being able to drink.

4. A good glass of milk is so nourishing. We ran out last night, God Bless Kathleen who brought some to MOPS, not even knowing how depressing a breakfast with water can be; I was craving it fierce. Don't think I can make it through breakfast without it again. Am sending Eric out as soon as Chris is down to go get me more. Milk, amazingly, quenches the hunger, calms the quease, full of all kinds of good things, and come to think of it....goes so darn well with M&M cookies...hmmmm.

5. Let us dare to Believe. In HOPE all things are possible.

6. Buy my home. Eric and I are getting the itch to move to a bigger place, but it will take work to get the house ready. On the other hand, WE built this house, and we've loved it, and if not for the fact we're already at capacity with another on the way, we'd stay here. I hope whoever buys this house recognizes it for the treasure it is.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to (little late) a home cooked meal of Ham and Cheese casserole, tomorrow my plans include BU Game! and Game Night and Sunday, I want to take a nap--duh!


Suellen said...

ooooh - where are you looking at building a house? I think we are going to try to start looking (or at least talking about looking and selling) this summer. Fun times.

amypfan said...

I could totally get on board with some M&M cookies and milk...mmmm...

And you should all just move to our neighborhood. :)