Sunday, January 18, 2009

That Look

This was Chris on the day of his Baptism. I've been going over all his 1st year photos on the computer, in an effort to finally complete his Baby Book, before #2 arrives. I'm getting pretty close. Chris was My Precious. He was tiny, he was sweet.

Today, he was not sweet.

But he kept giving me this same look.

I saw the little eyes, and chin, and just thought, how similar to this picture.
Mostly in the midst of great frustration, he'd give me this look, so I have not been smiling like in this photo. But, it's hard to stay frustrated with this sweet look.

Eric said yesterday, "Some boys you can put into Time Out, and they'll ask Why? Our son, you put into Time Out, and he'll ask Why Not?"


SuperSillyAunt said...

So sweet! Look how long your hair was!!!

Cathy said...

See? That's how he sucks me in. And the hair...seriously. I'm growing it out again to chop it once QT gets here.