Monday, October 13, 2008

I saw the signs

We just got out early from our Monday evening Bible Study. I got a Sign today! I usually dread this class, because frankly by this hour I want to in my jammies and engrossed in evening TV in my own bed, not just getting around to putting Chris down. However, tonight was a good night.
You know how the last week, I've been sleeping crummy? WELL. I've started keeping my bible bedside, and when I wake up at 3 am, I do a little light reading. Not "study" just reading. Last week, I did some reasearch on the name Samuel. Eric likes it for a boy's name, I don't mind it, but he's really plugging. It's a really good story, how he got here. Really called to me, his Mom was "barren" went and prayed, and told God, if He blessed her with a son, she'd totally give his life to the Lord, and so he did. Dropped him off at the temple as soon as he was weaned, and he became this great prophet and stuff. Led right into the story of David, which is what I'm reading now. Lot of stuff happened with David. Anyway, another night last week, I woke up, wide awake and all I could think of was the Tuba Warrior Veggie Tales story where Pa Grape is telling Larry, you people amaze me, I've seen God, I know how awesome he is, but you, you believe without seeing. Made me think that was kind of cool. So I wanted to read that story. Well, I pulled up Daniel, and read the entire Daniel story. Didn't occur to me until the next day, that the Veggie Movie I was thinking of was Actually Gideon, Tuba Warrior. Totally read the wrong story.
Anyway, that brings me back to today. We're sitting in our Bible Study class, and we're talking about predictions in the OT about Jesus, wouldn't you know he pulls out some verses I actually recently read from Samuel AND Daniel. How's that for a sign. Very cool.

In other news, my son is adorable. Today we went on a picnic at Butler with his friend Emily (and Mom Kathleen). Not that Chris being adorable is anything new, but today they were in rare form. We were picnicing at the Holcomb Gardens, simply gorgeous, and the kids kept running off to pick flowers. More like behead them. Anyway, while we were there, Emily calls out.
"I see Jesus." We smile in surprise, and are quiet,
"You do?"
"Yes." And she points to the statue of Persephone, it's a water fountain in the middle of the gardens. We explained to her that that was Not Jesus, (this took an odd bit of convincing) it was Persephone.
"Not Jesus." No honey, not Jesus. "What's her name?"
"I like that name."
10 minutes later, we had moved on to other subjects and my son spontaneously pipes up, "Not Jesus!"


Alicia said...

You know I read that title, and my first thought was of the Ace of Bass hit of the early 1990s - 'I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, now I'm happy here living without you, I left you woah-o-o-o'.

You are clearly much more spiritual than I am.

And yes I just remembered all the lyrics off the top of my head.

Kathy said...

I love the name Samuel...but it sounds horrible with our last name so we're not using it ;)

Cathy said...

Dude! Alicia, you didn't know me back in those days, but that totally was MY song. Of course that's where I got that, I just applied it spiritually speaking...