Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feeling Fritzy

First the computer and email are on the fritz, and then I just now went to put up a post on Chris's website and it's misbehaving too. I hate being so dependent on technology. I hate that I get twitchy without it. I was going to write this on his site, but I'll put it here instead. Y'all read both.

However, the reason that I was writing was a big prayer request for Chris.

Dr. West, Chris's surgeon, called today. She'd been talking to Chris's GI who told her that when she did Chris's rectal exam there was a lot of tightness and she couldn't get her finger in very far. They think maybe that's why he's got chronic diarrhea, because he's constantly squeezing out a tube of toothpaste.
Technical term: stricture.
She called to give us two choices: A. We can bring him into the clinic, torture him real good with some serious rectal dilation (That's where they push the rod up his bum)She said, "I'd make him hate me." And then send him home, or B. Go in for an Outpatient Surgical Procedure where they knock him out, and do the serious dilations in the O.R. instead and then send us home with no "sleepover" She said "I don't want to make him hate me." Me neither, because he really likes Dr. West, actually requested to go see her. We opted for the procedure. The perks being he wouldn't hate anybody,(ok maybe us for depriving him of breakfast) and he wouldn't remember it, and perhaps then maybe he won't develop some complex down the road (I've been beginning to worry about that). She says the procedure will be quick so they can most likely use the gas mask instead of traching him (putting a breathing tube in his throat) which will make his wake up recovery easier and he won't have that sore throat, or terribly pitiful squawky cry. Dr. W. says they often drug them for procedures as they get older so they don't remember it. Sounds good to me.

So we booked it for next Friday, the 17th. The one day this month we didn't have ANYTHING on the calendar. I had actually just asked Eric this morning if he wanted to play hooky, call in mentally unstable, and run away to Brown County for a picnic next Friday. He hadn't said no, but now he's taking the day off anyway. I think Brown County would've been a lot more fun.


Suellen said...

Poor baby. Prayers comin' atcha! You are all three so strong.

Jenibug7 said...

You actually will kind of be in Brown County. Well, Dr. West will be anyway. OK- bad, bad joke. I will be praying that it goes well and is successful. I think you are making the right choice with sedation!

Carrie said...

Awww... I'm sorry to hear about that :(.