Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting sick is NOT on the schedule

So, we all have been sniffling and snorting for weeks.
Last week, after attempting to run 15 miles on the 11th, and only making it halfway before hitting the wall, he was able to be "persuaded" to go see Dr. Cooper, our family doc. Dr. Cooper has a great sense of humor, a wonderful attribute given how Not Funny things tend to be around this house. So, he pulled his scope up to Eric, and told him to take a deep breath. Halfway through, he said, "Well that's not good." Eric snickered.
"No seriously." he said. "What do you do for a living?" Oh, computer programmer, ok, no metal shavings there, "Where do you work?" Oh, no asbestos in new buildings downtown. Hmmmm. Then he asked the real hum dinger, "Do you know anyone that has recently been diagnosed with Tuberculosis?"

Say what?

Apparently, Eric's lungs sounded like Ass. He suspected his sinus drainage (or a virus) got stuck behind a mucus plug and went bacterial infection. He put him on a Z-pack, and sent him home with explicit instructions, "If you don't feel better next week, then come back in, we'll get a chest x-ray and see what's really going on."
Like that wouldn't just scare me, let alone scare us all, as we've all 3 been sniffling and snorting, and coughing for weeks.
So, after Chris's surgery Friday, his little cough sounded worse. I think we may have Angered It. So, I told Eric I wanted to get Chris in to Dr. Cooper, and though Eric felt a bit better, he wasn't cured either, I told him he should go back in with Chris. Well, then he told ME, you should go in too.
So we did. All 3 of us. Piled into Dr. Cooper's office. The nurse-in-training was NOT comfortable with taking Assembly Line Vital Signs. But we got Dr. Cooper to ourselves for a nice long bit, to tell him all that was wrong with each one of us. To Eric he said, "you ran 13 miles on Saturday, ahhh, you're fine." But to justify it, he said, the antibiotic is still in your system until Wednesday but here's a script in case you are not fabulous. To me, he looked and said, I wouldn't do anything with you. Then to Chris, he said, I'll put him on Amoxicillin. I suspect his went bacterial in his sinuses because there is a rainbow of colors draining down the back of his throat. Fabulous.
And so all was great. Except that Chris and I still sound terrible. This morning, I woke up in the wee small hours feeling like Ass. I couldn't breathe, and every direction I turned, the shift in snot in my lungs would set off my coughing, or the snot in my stomach made me Quease. It was not cool. Not sleeping is Not Groovy.
We played a bit with the Julius Family, meeting for lunch downtown after I expressed a serious SOUP craving, at Au Bon Pain. It was good, it eased my discomfort, enough that we felt crazy enough to take a walk and ride the monorail. However, that exhausted us all, and when Chris and I came home, he was unconscious, but I could not sleep. Again. I could not breathe. I was wheezing. Actually wheezing. My husband is the asthmatic, not me. I have no patience for it. I put a call in to Dr. Cooper. Enough of this dilly-dally, I want drugs. I Cannot Be Sick. It's enough we had to cancel 4 things in order to be gone for a day and a half, and we may miss Butler Homecoming, for the funeral. I want to go to this funeral. I'm not going to be sick for the funeral. Getting sick is NOT on my schedule. The doctor called me in a z-pack, and Eric was sweet and picked it up for me. Now it's off to take my Bennie's (benedryl) and go to bed. By gum, I will sleep tonight!


Suellen said...

Alicia and I both got this fun little thing. It sucks. I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

We're a family full of sickies too! Alexis seems to be the least affected. Ryan and I both have the queasies along with the congestion. Ugh...This has not been a good week for us.
So a rainbow of colors...greenish colors I'm sure..eewww!

Andrea said...

In fairness, I don't think being sick is ever in anyone's schedule. ;) I hope you feel better very soon though!

Anonymous said...

You poor people. We have escaped it so far! Wish I could help but I know you will make it!