Thursday, January 20, 2022

Dog Bone Day

It's a Dog Bone Day. 
This year, the Middle School has decided to only bring out the Dog Bone Cart once a month. So I volunteered to go Serve for lunch.  Instead of 3 lunches, there are 6.. .to keep the kids spread out for Covid.  They start at 10 a.m. 
What's a Dog Bone you ask?  Well, since We Are Bulldogs, when the kids doing a good job like their homework, or exhibiting good character, they are given a reward of a pink piece of paper with a dog bone printed on it.  This year they are pink. Each dog bone is worth 1 unit, and the kids can save up, and use their dog bones as money to 'buy' things off the cart.  So they have erasers, slime, various fidgets and knickknacks.  If they save up they can get a sweatshirt or water bottle.  Saving for a month at a time, they had some shopping to do.  The 6th graders were maniac shoppers. 
I think it also teaches money management, and gives them confidence and pride in a job well done. 

Traditionally, I'm not a fan of middle schoolers or high schoolers, but these are good kids, and it was fun to reward them for good behavior, and to see them choose.  On a couple of occasions, some of the kids would shop for their friends.  I wanted to give them coupons just for being a good friend. 
There's Hope for our kids after all. 

I also got to see this Sweetboy too. Easy to spot in the green shirt and shoes. I learned he reads while eating his lunch, and I recognized the kids he sits with for lunch, all band friends. So it begins. 
He eats lunch at 10 am! Talk about early.  They were also given free ice cream for a treat for their good behavior, that doesn't happen very often either.   His teachers didn't tell him to bring his dog bones, so he didn't come shop at my cart, but I got to see him at his school. And that made all the rest worth it.  This was my first time volunteering inside the school since he started middle school. Stupid Covid. 

So, a pink dog bone was the embroidery icon of the day. ;)