Friday, January 21, 2022

Go Dogs Go!

I got to take Christopher to a Pep Band game tonight. 
He only gets to participate in a couple a year, and given how rough a time we've been having lately, technically I tagged Eric out.  But he got tied up in a meeting, so I got to be the one to go. 
I'm surprised at how glad I was that I got to go. 
A. There was a Women's Game first.  I find myself really enjoying watching our gals play. 
They played well, but Westfield found their attack strategy in the 4th quarter and they caught up and passed us, so we lost.  
2. Pep Band makes their appearance and they are more fun than watching the Cheerleaders! 

They've got Spirit, yes they do! 
The Saxophone section leads the band when our team is on Defense.  They confused Westfield by calling out their moves.  Every time the opposition bounced, passed, or shot, our band would holler out, "Bounce, Bounce, Pass, Shoot, Ohhhhhhh, Air Ball, Rebound, Bounce, Bounce...." It was fascinating.  If I had bad eyesight,  I'd sit by the band to watch the games. 

D. The Percussion Section TAKES OVER! 
There are a lot of percussionists that want to participate in Pep Band.  
So the Front Ensemble gets to do things like Cowbell, or Tamborine.  
They have fun. 

A vertical tamborine or Tamborine on a stick? 
Whatever you call it, Chris had a good time playing it. 
He usually hides towards the back, but by the time the Boys played, he was up close to the front.  
He was smart to wear his headphones too, the sound bounces around a lot in the gym.  
I kind of wish I'd brought a pair.  ;) One of these days we'll all be well prepared. 
The Boys won the second game of the double header, and it was all good.