Saturday, October 30, 2021

Yeah Band, and it's Space Day


Today is Space Day for Purdue. 
It would have been hard to get up to Purdue for the Contest, so we did it online, virtual like last year.  But last year, they sent a care package... this year they didn't. 
It didn't stop us from having a good time. 

We built a Mars Rover.  It probably wouldn't have done much on Mars.  
But we did some Quality Control work, and devised a bit of a fix.
Because of the way our button wheels wouldn't stay, but we shifted and used a combo of quilting pins and tape to affix them.  They didn't move very well, but it looked kind of like a rover. 

We made a straw rocket! 

Check out how our Straw Rocket blasts off!  
We got some decent length on it. 
I was rather impressed at how well Sam and Jacob worked together. 

Then we went to watch the Marching Band Semi-State Competition at Ben Davis. 
It was pretty neat.  We saw Ben Davis perform, and they broke out a few of the old hats they used to use back in the days when Eric was in the band, a purple cowboy hat with a gold ribbon.  Eric had a fancy term for it, but I've forgotten.  Meanwhile, we shared some Kettle Corn too. 

Then Christopher and the Band took to the Field. 
They sounded wonderfully. 

The Band takes up a lot of the field. 

Our show, Fly Away, is amazing! 

My favorite shot I got of the day. 

I'm so Proud I could just Bust. 
They ended up 4th, very close to 3rd, in the Contest, and will be headed downtown next weekend to State!