Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Finding Joy


I'm really happy with this pink sweatshirt that I made at the beginning of the month. It's finally cool enough outside to wear it again.  "On Wednesdays, we wear pink." 
I needed to find some Joy today. 
I went over to Eric's Dad's to hang out with him while Mom ran for a haircut.  As soon as I arrived, Dad started to get worked up because of catheter trouble. As his bladder filled, he got more uncomfortable, and upset, and I couldn't do anything to help him.  Dad is the kind of guy who doesn't complain.  It's never been his nature, but prostate cancer has changed that.  Things are changing, and he doesn't like it. It was upsetting all around.  We didn't last 15 minutes on our own before we were planning a trip to the hospital.  And they weren't fast either, but don't get me started on that.  It was very PTSD for me of yelling at various doctors to "Fix The Baby!"  They didn't hop to "Fix Dad" either.  That upset me, and I try very hard to relieve Dad's stresses, not add to them. Mom got her haircut in record time and met us at the hospital.  Days like this I want to get up and go behind the counter, and fix things myself.  I don't have enough degrees to do that though.  Like I said, it was very frustrating. 
After a very stressful couple hours, Dad was ok, and got to come home. 
I got into the car, and just cried. 

A lot of stuff happened, and I cried all the way home. 
Normally, I can vent to Eric, but he was busy.  Buzzkill. 

At least the trees were pretty. 
It's probably our last beautiful day for a while.  It's supposed to rain the next couple days, then turn cold. I hope our Band contest this weekend doesn't get rained on. 

Meanwhile, Chris had the night off from band, and he was content to join Eric and I for an episode of Star Trek: Voyager.  I noticed as I was sitting there, how similar their focus faces are, the same slope of the forehead, and stern brow.  It's like they're related or something. :D 
They made me smile.  I'm so Blessed I have all my Boyz to make me smile, or I'd lose it entirely.