Friday, October 29, 2021



This dog didn't want to let me finish my BSF homework this morning before my meeting. 
It was hard to ignore her but I did. 
I'm not the most studious BSF member.  But I figure, Walking with Jesus is a Walk, a Journey, and I'm at least on the Path. I'm glad I pushed to get it done and attend. I won't get any further on my Faith Journey if I do nothing at all, or skip like I did the last two weeks.  I skipped because of Fall Break.  And I didn't really get my groove back until yesterday.  I figure I'm trying, and that's something. God just wants me, and He knows I'm not Perfect, that I'm never going to be, but I can Be Better. And every time I go, or get tucked into The Word, I feel better, and I don't ever regret setting the time aside to do the study.  In fact, I get sent all kinds of convicting signs that I'm not alone, that studying is hard, walking the path of the Faithful is hard, but that it is the right thing for me to do. 
Now I just need to speak less, Listen first, and Study More, and Go in Peace, Serve the Lord. 
Thanks be to God.