Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Life is a just a bunch of berries.


I got a crazy idea.  
I decided to order watercolor paper over the summer.  
I found some watercolor pens, and decided to start painting.  But the pens wrote really fat, so I got out some paintbrushes and a cup of water, and diluted them a bit. I didn't really take a class, just kind of flying by the seat of my pants, so Pinterest and I are going to be starting something new for the holidays. I hope. 

I finished this blanket! 
Lisa and I picked out this super soft yarn at Michael's when the kids went back to school on the First Day.  I found this lovely varigate, then when we went back in September, I picked up a skein of blue that kind of matched.  I was toying with making this for Christopher, the blue being his favorite, and purple being his school color.  But I decided to keep it for the whole family.  
Or for me.   

It's so soft.  
I love this yarn.  
It's Bernat Velvet.  Well, the varigate is Velvet Stripes, Blackberry Frost, and  they were discontinuing so I had to stock up. 

The purple was Majestic Purple.  
Looks So Good! 

Sam took this photo of me.  
Pretty good! 
He's got a good eye. I kind of liked how this shot was off center.

I decided with this gorgeous blue - it was one of the clearance skeins of Bernat Baby Velvet in Indigo Velvet.  It's like all the kinds of jeans ever.  
I'm taking the rest and making a scarf and hat for myself.