Monday, November 2, 2020

In my Spare Time


My Spare Time I like to photograph my day to day life.  I am sitting in on an online Nail Party with my friend J.  She's selling Colorstreet Nail Wraps, and I hosted a party for her last week, and then this week one of my friends who attended is having her own party.  Jess asked tonight, what we like to pin on pinterest.  For me,  I like to play on Pinterest, dream of projects I am going to make, and create things with yarn.  But it occurs to me, I collect all these pins, and rarely do much about it.  I love to get nail ideas, but don't do much.  And don't even get me started on my gardening or crocheting ideas.  Still, I love keeping my hands busy, so this helps.  

I applied a new nail color from Jess last night, and it looks fantastic now that it's cured. 
It's a creme called London Calling.  I can see it being very British. 

You know me, I love to photograph flowers too. 
This is my new nails holding the flower the vet sent us last week as Princess passed away.  The flower arrived on the same day as her ashes.   So the flower has stayed on the kitchen table.  

Meanwhile, just a bit ago, I wrote to my little sister to show her progress on a crochet blanket I'm making.  Do you know who I'm making it for? Me neither.  I guess it must just be me.  Because I had to start trimming it, because the thing is HUGE! 

Here's the light blue and darker purple yarn.  It easily picks up the colors around it.  It is fuzzy and soft. 
I think I'll be keeping this blanket. 

Meanwhile today's theme was Collection.  I collect projects: yarn projects, watercolor projects, this week, room cleaning projects.  I made progress this weekend just doing a bit each day.  I put away more laundry than I wear, and I make some great progress.  Still, there's a lot of work to do, and Eric and I don't really feel like doing it. It reminds me of Christopher and his Merit Badges.  He has such a pile of incomplete Merit Badges for Boy Scouts, that we joke that he should sign up for the Collection Badge and send a picture of his Collection of Unfinished Merit Badges.  But if he did that, he'd actually finish one... Hmm... 



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