Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Finding Joy Wherever we Can


The theme is 2 p.m. 
Christopher had a Therapy appointment, so I had to pick him up at school. 

A tree on Odell called to me. 

As I was driving, to pick up Christopher, I spied this bright beautiful tree.  
Of course, I was driving and it would be slightly illegal for me to pause on a busy street and take a picture of a tree. On the way back however, no one was coming, and I had the stretch of road to myself for a moment.  It was a sign.  So I leaned over Chris, and we both juggled the phone out the window, I tipped it until it looked right.  I needed that slight bit of sky with the gorgeous golden tree. 

It got warm today, quite warm this afternoon, in the high 60s.  So when I went to get Chris at school, I was able to put some sandals on.  It was not a sock day, even if it was November.  I didn't think these toes would see the light of day, however, the weather says otherwise.  
I had to dress in bright happy clothes today, and find the beauty and joy where I could. 
My heart hurts and is heavy for all my friends who are afraid of how the election is going. I'm afraid too, but for them.  I recognize my privilege.  I want to be an ally, a friend, and a support more. 
And no matter what the election results, I'm going to do that. 


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