Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Memorial Day Runaway, Cincy Day 2

Saturday morning was rough, since Jake and I had been hot and awake for half the night.  I woke to Jacob stating, Mommy it's light outside.  Light is for waking up.  Apparently, all wishes for sleeping in, are lost on Jacob.  But luckily, we weren't the only ones having a slow go on Saturday morning.

This is Padme Amidogma.  She's Joe and Kate's mix of Great Pyrenees, Husky, and possibly Golden Retreiver.  Her humans do a great low voiced impression.  I imagine she says Yup and I Love You a lot.  She has her own couch, and whenever someone moves off it, she hops up... sometimes while people are still there.  And she's got the most gorgeous yellow eyes.   

She makes me sleepy, and hot.  She's the sweetest hotbox ever!
We snuggled during breakfast.  
As we discussed the plan of the day, it was decided to hit the Cincinnati Nature Center before lunch and a trip to the pool.  The Nature Center was where Lucie and Amelie went to Preschool.  It's pretty Awesome.  And we avoided the crowds! 

6 children be sweet. <3

6 children be crazy. <3 

My sweetboys model and pretend to be butterflies. 

They have this pond. 
Preschool rules are that you have to sit down if you want to be near the edge.  

Mr. Turtle on a log. 

We found another turtle hidden among the grasses.  

Purple chinese irises in bloom near the pond were a gorgous pop of color!

We found a second pond, and heard some bullfrogs chatting.   There were turtles out there too.

Stop, we have the opportunity to learn something. 
And see another pair of turtles on a log. 

We have a froglet.  
See that tail still on the frog? It's not quite fully grown yet, and not quite a tadpole. 

Turtles on the log. 
Amelie named them, but I forget what.  
They have a few turtles they know.  
It's handy to go to preschool at the park!

The road less traveled.  
This isn't the path we took, a tree came down. 
The kids could limbo there, but not us. 

All 6 kids stop in one place. 
Just for a moment. 

There's just something therapeutic about being in the shade of tall trees. 
Even if some of us were hurting, it was All Good. 

Mommy always brings up the rear, and watches. 

The mud pile. 
This place legitimately had a mud hole, for the kids to play in. 


You know they're never playing in a mud hole at home. 
but there was a foot/hand shower right around the corner. So we figured what the heck. 
Plus I had emergency outfits in the car. This time of year, I always carry a backup. 

Sam and Jake's pants crack me up. 

After mud hole time, we hike a bit to the nature house where the Daddy's visited to do some shopping.  They were having a plant sale. 

They had this neat bird feeder set up where all kinds of native birds would come and we could watch. I could've stayed there for a long time.  
We get a few of the same in our backyard too.  Still, I would've loved to stay longer. 
But the kids were Toast. 

Sam studies... SCIENCE! 

For lunch, we tried something new.  Grippos' chips.  Um my new favorite!  And Joe picked up some curried chicken lunchmeat to try among the basics that the kids liked. 
Plus beer.  Eating at their place was AWESOME! 

Remember that other time that 6 kids all ate at the same time. 

After lunch, our crew hit the pool. 
The pool was 2 doors down from their house.  Nice! 

Our whole crew attacks the pool! 

After our swims, some folks needed naps (Um, Jake and Mommy, and Joe.) so the big kids had some quiet screen time.  They all were inventing minecraft worlds together when I woke up. 

This was all of them playing joint screens.  My heart overflows. 

We found Amelie's favorite pizza place in downtown Milford, Paradrino's.  
I tried this blueberry beer, that was scrumptious and a fancy pizza.  
They couldn't handle a party of 10.  They didn't know what to do with us.  
I could've put tables together faster, but the food was good. 

This is slumber party time.  
It took no time for them to go to sleep.  

This one was initially disinclined to go to sleep Sunday night, but he eventually got there. 
We kept the window cracked all night, got some good breeze going, and slept well.  
It had been a busy day, but with breaks built in, we did great.  
It turns out our families have a lot more in common than I thought.  
I'm so glad we came.