Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day Runaway Cincy, Day 1

On Saturday, after Gymnastics and lunch, and a bit of a poopalooza, we hit the road to visit our college friends who live in Cincinnati for the weekend! 

Here's my Top 10 pics from Saturday. 

10.  Jacob was out cold 20 minutes into our journey. 
I love how Gymnastics wears him out.  He thinks he doesn't always need naps, but he does. 

9.  We found a thunderstorm.  We chased it for a while, right behind, as evident by the smoldering street, but then we caught up with it in Cincy, and passed it.  Then it hit us again when we got to our friends Joe and Kate's house. 

8.  They know what's up.   Joe had found this beer, well, tea beer at Jungle Jim's and stocked up because I said I like sweet things.  This was Refreshing after driving on a hot summer day.  Perfect!
And I love sampling Local Fare! 

7.  Lucie's big brother and sister are both on Dance Teams.  She is joining up this fall.  But while the Daddies were out picking up dinner, she gave Kate and I our very own dance recital performance.  

Here's a sample.  
This is the stuff I miss having boys.  My sister and I did performances All The Time. 
Lu slayed me with her mad skills, and she was enchanting.  I loved it.  Amelie tapped barefoot for us too, but I didn't tape any of that.  I think God knows that if I had daughters, they'd be dancing and having tutu drawers, because I just love it all so.  So he sends me boys. 
The closest I get to a Performance is Star Wars: Crazy Wars, episodes created every summer.

6.  Remember that one time, all 6 children sat in one place and ate their dinner so sweetly? 
They ate so sweetly, that we grownups got to actually sit down and talk!
We ordered from a chipotle style mom and pop mexican place called FUEGO!  Eric got the hottest sauce they had, it made him cry, he loved it.  The little hispanic gal behind the counter had been genuinely worried about his health.  Everyone ate.  And Eric was just fine! 

5.  The girls generously offered the bunkbed in their room to the boys.  But the boys wanted to camp out with Jack in his room.  So it ended up being just Jacob on the top bunk.  To keep him company, I took the bottom bunk. He loved the princess canopy, and the kitty and dance art work on the walls.  

4. Flower power nightlights!  We are not used to flower decor like in little girl rooms.  We loved it! 
This green flower made Jacob very happy.  He wanted to leave it on all night long! 

3.  We were being watched.  
Something new for Jacob.  Their cat Gandalf, who was super shy around us, kept sneaking in to check us out while we tried to go to sleep.  
I've forgotten what it's like to live with cats.  I didn't realize how much I missed them. 

2.  Somebody's watching me. 

1.  This child was disinclined to sleep in the new room.  Mr. Peek-a-pook-aHe loved being on the top bunk, and all the decorations that are totally different from things we have.  This first night, he didn't settle down until almost midnight.  If I hadn't been so tired, it would've been really fun and funny.  
As it is, 3 days later, now it's funny.